Sunday, November 29, 2009

Local Suspect Shot Dead

One of the things I usually do
upon returning from a vacation is try to give a quick scan to my accumulated newspapers because, even though I try to stay abreast of local items of interest while away, invariably I'll miss something online that later catches my eye in the print version. Such was the case this weekend.

On November 20th the Daily Pilot ran a little blurb entitled, "Fashion Island suspect is shot dead", HERE, in which crime beat reporter Joseph Serna tells us that 18 year-old Dalton Rahman was shot to death by members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's SWAT team after he wrested a gun away from one of them during an arrest.
At the time he was shot Rahman was driving a stolen car in which were found a bulletproof vest and other police equipment.


This is important to us way down here in the best of all worlds because Rahman is suspected of being the individual who escaped capture a couple months ago in Fashion Island when he and two buddies were observed
by a resident acting suspiciously. The other two youths were carrying a bag full of guns. I wrote about that episode HERE.

Ironically, on November 23rd Serna posted a blog entry, HERE, which asked, "Do you feel safe?" and cited a study which identified Newport Beach as the 28th safest city in the state, with Costa Mesa following at No. 103.


Today, with the economy still in dire straits, it's likely that we will see more desperate people turning to criminal act
s to make ends meet. I have no idea what might have happened had the episode involving Rahman and his two accomplices at Fashion Island not been stopped. It has been speculated that the trio were planning a robbery spree, and were certainly armed to accomplish that. It seems that we, literally, may have dodged a bullet.


I guess the message here is that we need to be constantly vigilant - aware of our surroundings, especially when out and about doing Christmas shopping for the next month. Be alert for suspicious persons as you carry packages to your car. When in doubt, return to the store - don't become a victim.


On that happy note, I'm glad to be back and hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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