Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jimmy Olson, We Need You Now!

The Mouth From Mesa North, our old nemesis over at the CM Press - the guy who thinks he's a newsman just because he played one badly for 20 seconds in a terrible movie back in the mid-70s - has decided he's just the person to fill what he perceives to be a void in local news coverage as presented by our local newspaper of record, the Daily Pilot.

Now, I agree that the Daily Pilot is not the newspaper it once was. Because of the trauma and drama swirling around it's parents, the Los Angeles Times and the Tribune Company, as a result of Sam Zell buying them about fifteen months ago, the Daily Pilot has been forced to cut staff and reduce the number of days it actually
publishes a print edition to six days a week - they are dark on Monday. That being said, the editors and staff continue to provide us with an excellent community newspaper, full of local news and events, just as has been the case for a century. It is still being run by real, honest-to-goodness journalists.

The Mouth perpetually gripes about the way the editors of the Daily Pilot present crime coverag
e, implying they have an anti-white bias. That allegation is so ridiculous that it makes one curious about his motives.


Lately he has taken to posting supplemental entries on his blog each day. Usually he posts his primary entry before dawn. It makes me wonder if he has a newspaper route and he fires off his first entry of the day after he finishes his route. Gee, I guess that might make him a "newsman" of sorts. Anyhow, he pumps out his first rant in the wee hours each day, then spits out little snippets during the day as the urge moves him. It's kind of like a literary bowel movement.

In a recent entry he actually announced that he would be doing that, even though he's done
it for weeks. I guess his objective is to become our "breaking news center". What a joke! For years he has demonstrated that he doesn't get it right - mixing distorted views of facts with his opinion.


For years this character has presented his version of "news" - which is really his racial bias in camouflage. For example, today his #632 entry has a couple entries - opinion, not facts - addressing local issues. Further down his true colors show as he provides a few little snippets and links to, for example, a site for the National Policy Institute (NPI). If you visit that link you'll see that it's just another of his favorite far, far right sites, which also links to many, many more of kind of sites. They bemoan the lost of racial purity, that whites are in the minority, blah, blah, blah. And, of course, he frequently demonstrates that he's not yet mastered the art of "linking" - his "links" don't work
in many cases.

In addition to the NPI snippet and link he also provides (so far) a link to Glenn Beck; an article about the Dalia Lama and - hot off the presses - a link to an article about IRA gunmen (which doesn't work). And, since I began tinkering with this entry this morning he's posted another snippet about the McClatchy news organization cutting jobs. Does he really think readers of a local blog go there to find this kind of stuff? Geez! I guess he thinks he's got to provide something, because he sure doesn't get the local scene right.


This insidious guy continues to use his blog to proselytize unsuspecting readers - to suck them into his vortex of intolerance by slipping in references into his version of "real news". Unfortunately, history shows us that he may have found a fertile field here in Costa Mesa for his racial rants because several current and past members of the City Council follow his marching orders.


As I've warned you many times in the past, be careful of this bozo. He's a smart guy - he tells us that he's a Mensa member - and should never, ever be underestimated. He's already influenced events in this city - and not for the better.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's kind of like a literary bowel movement." You are very funny sometimes...Thanks for your vigilance too, by the way.


3/11/2009 01:42:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Upton, I was about to reject your "Anonymous" comment, then saw that you signed it, so all is forgiven.

I appreciate your participation here and admire your frequent insightful posts on the Daily Pilot blog, too. Most of the time I agree with you, but even when I don't I admire your ability to present your position.

3/11/2009 11:59:00 PM  

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