Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Never A Dull Moment...

Geez! I go out of town for a nice, relaxing long weekend and return to a very strange bag of accumulated news stories.

In no particular order....

First, Old Riggy, the carpetbagging Planning Commissioner, Jim Righeimer, some how managed to be included in Assemblyman Van Tran's recent trip to the border to view the accomplishments of the National Guard first hand. He wrote a nice trip report for us in Saturday's Pilot, which can be read HERE. I guess Riggy is posturing because, after all, it is an election year. Who knows which ring his hat will land in this summer. It will make for very interesting viewing - and commenting.


Then, our young jailer/former mayor, Allan Mansoor, took exception to Orange County Register's Steven Greenhut's view on immigration enforcement in Costa Mesa as expressed in a recent commentary, HERE, with his own letter to the editor this weekend. You can view it HERE. Of course, Greenhut had it right, but Mansoor just can't let anyone criticize his plan. He rants about all those dangerous criminals taken off the street as a result of the presence of the ICE agent's presence in the Costa Mesa jail, but has not given us a reference point against which to compare. His comments assume there would be less enforcement of the law in our city - a view that is a direct slap in the fact of the men and women of the Costa Mesa Police Department. It's no wonder they supported his opponents in the election in 2006.


Then we are told that, in one of the priciest hotels in Newport Beach, a woman's body was found packed in dry ice in a sealed tub! Yikes! This strange story is still unfolding but it looks like the poor woman may have been dead for many months. You can read the coverage HERE.

And then there is the strange story of an off duty Costa Mesa police officer who was involved in a shooting in Temecula over the weekend, apparently while attending a Hot Rod show. Details are still very sketchy, and the officer is still unidentified, but some reports imply that he shot his way out of a beating being administered by a couple men outside a restaurant. One man died and another was injured in the scuffle and the officer is on administrative leave, recovering from injuries incurred in the fight. Local coverage can be read HERE and HERE.


And, finally, my pal Byron de Arakal used the second half of his column in the Daily Pilot today, HERE, to attempt to mediate a peace between the Daily Pilot and others in the community with an activist described in many postings on this blog and elsewhere. It was a noble effort. Not unexpectedly, it was met with a virtual loogie to the face, HERE.

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