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Well, it's official now... According to the City Clerk, late-comer Chris McEvoy returned his paperwork just before the deadline yesterday and, barring a rejection by the Registrar of Voters for insufficient qualified signatures on his petition, he's now in the mix, joining the eight other qualified candidates for Costa Mesa City Council.

Not much is known about McEvoy, and it may stay that way since he has apparently chosen to not provide a candidate statement for the voter pamphlet. That seems like a peculiar tactic for a virtual unknown, but it does cost money to place the statement.

So, here are your candidates for Costa Mesa City Council:

Eric Bever - Incumbent mayor, former planning commissioner, long time self-professed "improver", buddy of Allan Mansoor and - if you watch him in action on the dais - a frustrated stand-up comedian. He used to advertise himself as a graphic artist, but now we're told he's dabbles in antiques.

Katrina Foley - Incumbent council member, former planning commissioner, including a tour as chair of that commission. She's a lawyer, a mother of two boys, wife of Casey Swanson and full of good ideas and boundless energy.

Gary Monahan - Former 3-term councilman, multiple terms as mayor and the only council member to qualify for a pension. Pub owner, father of 6 kids, he's looking to return to the public trough. Last year he tried to get the issue of a directly elected mayor placed before the voters, apparently hoping to fill the slot as "mayor for life".

Jim (Riggy) Righeimer - Currently a planning commissioner and recent columnist for the Daily Pilot. He's a big time activist with the OC GOP, campaign manager for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's re-election campaign and defeated state Assembly candidate. He moved to Costa Mesa from Fountain Valley just two years ago and, miraculously, just a few months later found himself installed on the Planning Commission by Allan Mansoor - who had received much help in his re-election campaign from the above-mentioned Rohrabacher. This was pure partisan political payback. Riggy has demonstrated a lack of patience, frequently flailing applicants before the commission and having to be reined in by Chair Donn Hall. Costa Mesa is just a stop along the way for Riggy, who obviously has plans for higher office. Despite his recent pontifications about fiscal frugality, rumors of bankruptcy in his past continue to shadow him. He and Mansoor both recently suggested tapping the city's emergency reserve to pay our bills - a truly irresponsible idea.

Lisa Reedy - Currently President of the Mesa Del Mar homeowners association, she's a long-time community activist. She works as a strategist for a local pet products company and has a diverse business background. She is an articulate speaker and always seems prepared when she speaks before the City Council.

William Sneen - An executive for a food products company, Sneen has a track record of success in business. Father of two boys, both of whom have excelled in the Newport-Mesa schools and are Eagle scouts, he's the husband of former School Board Trustee Linda Sneen. His business acumen and experience with school issues should be an asset as a council member.

Christopher Bunyan - Operates a hair salon in town and is a published author. Ran in 2006, finishing last. Has become active in civic affairs by participating on city committees. His recent focus seems to be saving the Banning Ranch from development - to the extent that he underwrote a recent workshop on that subject.

Nicholas Moss - Who the heck knows about this man? He's young, works in the computer business and ???

Christopher McEvoy
- Again, who is this guy? A Google search indicates that he might be an athlete of sorts, but doesn't turn up much else.

Let's hope all nine candidates show up next Thursday so we can get to know them, hear what they have to say on important issues.


On a personal note, thanks to all of you who took the time to help me mark my birthday today. In years past I would bounce out of bed, ready to spring into action. Lately it's more like stumbling out and checking to make sure all essential body parts are still attached and functioning!

Two years ago, on a REALLY BIG milestone day, I celebrated surrounded by several dozen friends and family members. Those folks, and others who couldn't make it to the celebration, are what make my life so special and fulfilling. As time passes and those folks begin to leave us it becomes increasingly important to acknowledge those you care about. So, to all of you who take the time to comment here - whether you agree with me or not - thanks! You're participation keep the juices flowing.



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