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"Your Neighbor" Blows A Gasket - Again!

Over at Hypocrite Central, the CM Press, the guy who very much resembles my theoretical character, Your Neighbor, published a long, vitriolic diatribe about a column written today by Tony Dodero, Director of News and Online for the Daily Pilot and the Daily Pilot management in general.

In response to recent and frequent critics - mainly in the Daily Pilot blog - Dodero goes to great le
ngths to explain the Pilot's position regarding the way they present news, rejecting the accusations of biased reporting. Typos notwithstanding, it was a good piece and certainly timely. I happen to agree with what he said.

However, the guy at the CM Press - a fellow I've described in the past as The-Brain-Who-Ate-Costa-Mesa - uses his pathetic pulpit to shred Dodero and publisher
Tom Johnson for his perception of their liberal bias. Keep in mind that this guy sits so far out on the right that ANYONE will seem liberal compared to him. This is a man who apparently has made it his life's work to spread his philosophy of racial intolerance as far as possible through his prolific internet essays, books and - closer to home - his crusade to expunge the Latinos from Costa Mesa's borders.

A truly smart guy, he wastes his prodigious intellect appealing to the most base of human emotio
ns. Every once in awhile he will come up with a good idea - like placing an airport at Camp Pendleton. However, discovering those infrequent good ideas is like digging through a pile of dog poo and discovering a diamond - the stench you must endure searching for it makes you retch and sticks with you a very long time. Apparently, though, there are more than a few folks in our town who don't mind all that doo-doo-diving - they just lap up (so to speak) the vile pontifications he purveys.

I'm not surprised he's used this opportunity to give himself a literary enema and dump out this pile of criticism of the Daily Pilot. He's been the subject of criticism by the editors in the past - well-deserved, in my view. When you read his rant you'll find a little comment about him having been selected as one of
the Daily Pilot 103 most influential persons last year. No matter what you think of his views - I actually detest them - no one in our city can refute the fact that he has been "influential" in matters concerning our town. That isn't necessarily good. But, as I wrote to the editors last year when I nominated him - the word "influential" is their word, not mine. To me, it's like saying Adolph Hitler was "influential" in world events in the last century.

He also mentions that he "appeared in a Woody Allen movie". Well, I've seen that "performance". Trust me, not only i
s this guy a "bad actor" when it comes to activities in this city, he's a bad actor, period.

In fact, it seems that he's had a trail of failure in his life, because he crows about having been, in
addition to an actor, a lawyer, real estate agent, author, Marine and who-knows-what-else. Perhaps that's why he seems to have chosen to become the reincarnation of the most despicable man in world history - he's looking for meaning in his life and has chosen the cause of Aryan purity. Perhaps he gets great satisfaction from being admired by the poster boy for racism in this country for the couple decades, David Duke. This quest has gotten him on the watch list of organizations that track hate groups - quite a badge of honor for him, don't you think? Yep, that's sure the kind of man I want "influencing" the future of our city!

In his diatribe he poo-poos the assignment of intolerant motives to actions he's taken or words he's w
ritten in the past. Well, my friends, if it waddles like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.... I don't know what he thinks, beyond what he writes and does. Actions certainly do speak louder than words, and this guy's actions scream racism at the top of their lungs. For those who follow his view, carrying that "duck" metaphor a little further, if you follow one long enough you will eventally step in some very gooey, slippery, nasty residue of his presence. Trust me, there is a great similarity between that duck and the guy at the CM Press. Watch your step.


The racist h
ypocrite ends his blog entry by asking several questions of his readers. Of course, he doesn't really care what they think. If he did, he would provide a venue for them to actually answer the questions - as I do here. No, this guy doesn't care - he has his own agenda and he's sticking to it. Just as he takes the coward's way out by posting comments on the Daily Pilot using several fake names, he won't give you a way to respond to his questions for fear that someone will tell him precisely what they think.


For my part, I'm grateful to the Daily Pilot management for providing us with consistently well-balanced reporting of important issues in our communities. They occasionally miss a story, and sometimes I disagree with an editorial position they've taken, but I still think they do an excellent job for us. I'm grateful to them for the opportunity to provide letters to the editor for their consideration and for the ability to post comments online. In that arena, they
have been particularly tolerant of opposing viewpoints, as The-Brain-Who-Ate-Costa-Mesa knows all too well.


As I read the pathetic rant by the guy at the CM Press I just have to shake my head. What a waste of an intellect. I find myself wondering if, once he's long departed from this earth, his children will sit back and say, "Yeah, I'm proud of my father because of the way he spread hate against everyone not white." That will be quite a legacy...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy obviously has his own agenda. The fair citizens of Costa Mesa would be well advised to give him a wide berth.

Any politicians that kowtow to his bullying should be removed from office!

8/30/2007 11:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The writers at the Daily Pilot certainly have an agenda they push. I would call it liberal. Some say the Return to Reason agenda, which I consider liberal also. They do provide space from opposing views as they have published my letters as well as letters from other improvers. But I almost always disagree with Bell, Johnson, Dodero, Smith, and Bell (mentioned twice since I never agree with him). They should have their columns buried in the back along with improver letters lest they pollute the minds of our youth. Never understood how they stand up for illegals after having an employee killed by one, how their stock photo of the job center was of a white guy with a backpack, and why they never mention the race of a suspect in an article unless he is white. Their sister publication in HB mentions race in crime suspects even if suspect is not white. So, yes , the Pilot has a definite agenda. Similar to yours so of course you love it. But for me, the jester, the jailer, the barnacle and all the others you tolerant folk put down, the Pilot is just hard to embrace.

8/31/2007 09:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,

Is it easy for you to embrace CM Press?

8/31/2007 02:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent observation Jim. The best part if Dorado’s Jr High expose is how he tries to make his case by stating his teachings and exaggerating people’s perception into conspiracy. How in the heck would going to a newsroom prove or disprove anything. I mean when I go down there (BTW I e-mailed Tony and yet to hear back) would I actually see the comedic backroom conspiracy laden team hacking out their stories? Probably not.

This is another prime example of shooting at the messenger/s (posters to the Pilots blogs, which they disagree with) instead of the message. I don’t know the exact stats but I am sure if they pulled all the Mansoor/Majority stories over the past 12 months, I am sure 90% of them are negative. People see that and call them on it. At least they can be honest, come clean, and say they are anti-majority and anti-Mansoor. This façade is ridiculous.

It is obvious with Tony’s letter the Pilot has a perception problem with the community, but they are not aware or more likely not able to comprehend that they even have a problem. There is an Opinion piece (MAILBAG: Certain views shouldn’t be on front page) that highlights the Pilots bias and does a good job of stating where their own bias written articles should go.

Will the paper ever learn; I believe not? They will just keep whistling Dixie and moving down the same path, losing subscribers (LA Times and Co) oblivious to their losses. I mean if there was ever an industry that blatantly ignored market forces because of ignorance to its own predisposition it’s the Print Media. It’s weighted with leftist, elitist, leadership that cannot get out of their own way to save themselves.

Hope to one day get that tour of the Pile and if I am luck see that dim lit back room where the conspiracy takes place.

8/31/2007 03:26:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Commissioner Jim, I think Bruce asks a good question... Your concern for the pollution of the minds of our youth is amusing, considering the nature of the tripe that your pal on the CM Press publishes. I guess we must assume you're in agreement with him, huh? If you have a problem with the Daily Pilot I suggest you take it up with them.

Andrew, there are limits to the number of times I'll permit you to display your ignorance and incompetence on this blog. Are you not just a teeny bit embarrassed? I used to think the stuff you sent was just full of typos, but now I'm beginning to wonder if their incomprehensibility is the result of something else.

8/31/2007 11:15:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Just a reminder to you passionate posters out there... I won't post a comment that makes unsubstantiated personal attacks on individuals. So, the poster who identified himself as M...... is a Nazi can't expect to see his comments here any time soon if they continue along the same theme.

9/06/2007 11:23:00 AM  

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