Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anger Management - Who's Next?

Well, it certainly has been an interesting few days here in the Land of Newport-Mesa. I've managed to provoke a man who very much resembles my theoretical character, Your Neighbor, into writing not one, but two blog entries aimed directly at me, here and here. Any day is a good day when he's unhappy with me. I think he's just peeved because he fancies himself an ace reporter and I managed to scoop him on a couple issues in the past week or two. Of course, he's never happy when I point out the failings of his Anointed One, our supreme leader, the mayor. That means he stays peeved a lot.

I ticked off the current mayor and a former mayor with my commentary about the bogus plan to directly elect the mayor of our fair city and how it went down in flames, here.

Then, a friend pointed out an entry on the Daily Pilot blog purportedly posted by our resident court jester, Mayor Pro Tem Eric Bever, in which he threatens me with le
gal action. For your reading pleasure I've copied and pasted that entry below. This comment was the fifteenth and final one posted at the end of the recent commentary, here, co-signed by Mayor Mansoor, Bever and Councilwoman Wendy Leece published in the Daily Pilot online on 6/30/07.

Eric Bever wrote on Jul 8, 2007 8:20 PM:

" Mr. West again incorrectly states: "The only voices they listen to are those of their tight knot of westside buddies and one guy from Mesa North. All other voices are just ambient noise to them." MR. WEST, YOU ARE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY MISTAKEN. We listen to all who have a viewpoint to share regarding city issues. At council meetings we all listen to every person's comments. West’s oft-repeated incorrect statements like the above only confirm his complete lack of credibility. Mr West, you are hereby informed. Your continued promulgation of this incorrect claim shall constitute libel. "

As usual, Bever knows not of which he speaks. When he tossed his hat (and pony tail) into the ring as a politician he opened himself up to criticism and ridicule, when appropriate. Unfortunately for him, "when appropriate" seems to come around qu
ite often. For example, in this very instance he sets himself up for criticism, not only by me, but by anyone with the slightest knowledge of the legal system. If he, as an elected official, continues to threaten me - or any other resident of this city - he might find himself at the other end of that legal system he has used as a threat, for harassment and abuse of his power. He obviously feels he's a very clever fella, so he will likely realize the error of his ways and think twice - or three times - before printing such a statement in the future. I hope so - he has a lot to lose.

Then, I thi
nk I've managed to make more than half the people in Costa Mesa, including some good friends, angry at me with my commentary in the Daily Pilot today, here, responding to their columnist, Steve Smith's column on Tuesday, here. I won't bore you with the details of our little spat about fireworks in this city - you can read both pieces for yourselves - except to observe that he shouldn't poke a beast in the eye with a stick and expect it to continue to sleep peacefully.


All in all, it's been a very interesting and productive week here at the old Cauldron. A week ago I was watching "bombs bursting in air" during the Independence Day celebrations. Tonight, I can almost hear the "blood vessels bursting" around town. Yep, it's been a
productive week. To all of you still ticked-off at me tonight, please remember this. What you read here are only my humble opinions. Take them for what they're worth. (I heard that, Andrew!)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What good is a blogger if he can't stir up a controversy or two? Good work. You didn't ruffle any feathers at our end of town with your opinions on fireworks. It just gave me an opportunity to comment on something we don't agree on!

I am actually in agreement that Steve Smith's writing demeanor is something I don't really enjoy. I usually skip his column. Ms. Lopez on the other-hand was a bit more annoying in that she seemed to perpetuate some misinformation on the subject. I crafted a letter to the DP on the subject but decided to let it go.

As for Mr. Bever, I thought his comment on libel odd. Then again, I am not a lawyer. Although, I have always heard that you can sue anyone for anything. The only real question is will you prevail or be left with just a bunch of legal fees for your effort.

7/12/2007 09:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so I didn't read CMPress before responding a minute or two ago, but now that I have I just wanted to share that as I read the following lines:

"The winter that is within the souls of some of these gloomy people, and the sterility of their beings is shown in their "get off the lawn" attitude toward youth and the things of youth.

Some of these perennially unhappy folks look as though they have no blood in their veins and as though their shoes are too tight and their underwear itches."

I couldn't help but think of a grouchy old Grinch that is chasing people out of his personal green space next to his house! How hilarious!

7/12/2007 09:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I disagree with you about the fireworks issue, I commend you for bringing all of this up and getting a healthy debate started! Keep it up!

7/12/2007 01:32:00 PM  

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