Monday, May 21, 2007

"Your Neighbor's" Racist Foundation

The immigration bill pending before Congress seems to have re-invigorated Your Neighbor (The-Brain-Who-Ate-Costa-Mesa) over at the CM Press. His last three posts here, here and here, are aimed directly at the bill. In his post this morning he advocates flooding senators with anti-immigrant telephone calls to stop the process.

However, of even greater interest is his most recent essay published on the New
Nation website today entitled, "It's More Than Amnesty; It's Genocide For European-Americans", in which he attempts to convince us that he's not really a racist - he's only a simple guy, worried about the dilution of the Aryan gene pool. I want to thank him for this one, because it provides focus on what his real motives are as he goes from forum to forum bleating about rogue soccer players, slums and such. This essay helps you understand the foundation of all his activities in Costa Mesa over more than a decade. It also helps you understand how he has been so influential over a few easily-led residents, including our young jailer/mayor.

Under the guise of protecting the sanctity of the Aryan gene pool he has methodically gone about facilitating the discomfort of the Latinos among us - legal and illegal - and orchestrating their ex
pulsion from our city by attacking them where they live, where they work, where their children are educated and, yes, even where they kick a soccer ball around after work.

Your Neighbor says he's not a racist. Well, provides the following definition for the word racism: "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others." Read his essay, linked above, and you decide - is he or isn't he a racist? To me, he personifies the word.

The raging debate about illegal immigration has this country in a turmoil. I doubt you will find many American citizens who think illegal immigration is a good idea - I certainly don't. The issue is complex - if it were simple, those simpletons in Congress would have solved it long ago. In my view, any solution must start with secure borders. Unless that is the first step anything else that might be done is futile, costly and ineffective. How we manage the tens of millions of illegal aliens currently working in this country is a separate issue. From a purely practical standing, I just don't see how you deport 12 to 30 million illegal aliens without having a devastating impact on our economy.

However, Your Neighbor is fanning the flames of this illegal immigrant hysteria to further his own, perverted goal - protecting the integrity of the Aryan gene pool. What astounds me is that so many people actually buy into his putrid philosophy and follow his lead. Like some kind of twisted Pied Piper, he has mesmerized his followers into ignoring his ultimate goal - the expulsion of Latinos - by providing them with chunks of raw meat (slums, soccer players, low test scores) to chew on as they march to his tune.

This man has, virtually single-handedly, dragged Costa Mesa to the point of no return. Through his oratory and influence he has created a culture of intolerance within our city and, through it, turned Costa Mesa into the poster child for anti-immigrant hate. It deeply saddens me that more than a few folks in this city have been swept up in his scheme and seem to be chanting his mantra like a group of brain-dead zombies. Hopefully, in the near future they will awaken and realize what has been happening to them and step back from this man and renounce his view of the world.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"anti immigrant hate"? How does CM become the posterchild for this? By checking status of those who are stopped and singling out ILLEGAL immigrants? Can you not see a difference between illegal and legal immigrant. Hopefully we ARE the poster child for anti ILLEGAL immigrants. If not, we should strive to be. Also, we do not have to deport all the illegals. They will eventually fade away as long as we have strong workplace verification. They are already self deporting from CM to other cities just from fear of our ICE agent (FEDERAL, by the way)in the jail.

5/21/2007 10:38:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Anonymous Insect, don't you mean, "How did CM become the posterchild for that?" The answer is simple - because they followed his lead and succumbed to his rants. No, having an ICE agent in the jail doesn't mean the community is racist. However, attempting to deputize every sworn CM officer as an ICE agent sure makes the elected leadership who proposed it at that time look that way. Sure, I can see the difference between legal and illegal. The question is, does Your Neighbor? Your letter perfectly demonstrates precisely how Your Neighbor's plan is working because those illegal immigrants you indicate are self-deporting are being joined by completely legal Latinos, as well.

5/21/2007 01:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa, Geoff - the plan to deputize police officers means that the proponents are racist? Think that one through. Like it or not, we are talking about enforcing long-established laws because the federal government lets politics dictate its law-enforcement priorities. That is not a racist proposal, it is a proposal based on what the community called for. Mansoor & Co. didn't ride into reelection based on their good looks and oratory skill - they stood up and said NO to Costa Mesa becoming a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. The fact that they won with a good margin despite great opposing candidates (who were admittedly soft on illegal immigrants) shows that they had their fingers on the pulse of a large part of the voting community.

I feel very comfortable about saying that you are not racist. Your writings have been eloquent, compassionate, and well-reasoned. I am not a racist either, and I disagree with you about the nature of illegal immigration in Costa Mesa. I am not for mass deportation, but I am also for strict enforcement of immigration laws when an illegal immigrant runs afoul of the law.

As you noted in your posts - the question is how much influence Your Neighbor has. I say that it has diminished greatly. The fact that he opposes illegal immigration from a racist standpoint (which is truly disgusting), does not mean that his blatant racism is the cause or motivation for the widespread opposition to illegal immigration in the general population.

To bolster my assertion, look at the national picture, where Your Neighbor has NO influence. Republican politicians who support the proposed immigration reform being currently debated are being booed by their hometown crowds when they speak about it. GOP presidential candidates were barraged with angry demands to stop illegal immigration at every campaign stop in Iowa recently. Sen. Jim Bunning stood on the floor of the Senate today and said that the immigration bill would undermine the democratic tradition and rule of law that founded this nation. Costa Mesans, and the rest of the country recognize that illegal immigration poses a serious threat to our country and society.

I do wholeheartedly agree with you that we must shut down the borders immediately. Granting across-the-board amnesty? NO WAY.

Opposing illegal immigration is not racist. Your Neighbor is racist, and he also opposes illegal immigration. There is a difference. Don't paint us all (and the Iowans) with the same brush.

5/21/2007 08:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One further note on the issue of having police check immigration status - the OC Grand Jury issued a report today stating that all large cities in OC should have immigration checks in their jails. This isn't just Costa Mesa.

5/21/2007 09:06:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...


First, thanks for the heads-up on the Grand Jury report. I'll look for that information in the media.

Now to your first comment.. the "long-established laws" to which you refer are Federal laws which, until recently, have been given only lip service by the Federal government. Arresting a person simply because they are here illegally makes little sense because of the revolving door we call our southern border. Arresting dangerous felons, convicting them and throwing them in jail before deporting them makes sense. However, with our jails filled to overflowing - as is the case in Los Angeles County where my old pal, Lee Baca, is releasing prisoners who have completed only a fraction of their sentence to make way for more - that process is undermined by practicality. Again, until the border is secure, deportation is simply a day off work for some of the folks we're talking about.

One more time - I am not an advocate for illegal immigration. If the mayor's plan gets dangerous felons off our streets I'm fine with it. The mayor said, "No Sweeps!" Well, when you have a "sobriety checkpoint" in the heart of the Westside at 9:30 in the morning on a week day you don't need sweeps - the folks come to you! The way the process seems to be working now is that, if a person is stopped for an offense - a misdemeanor, for example - and doesn't have his wallet on him he may be hauled off to the Costa Mesa hoosegow and interrogated by the ICE agent. If the ICE agent is not satisfied with his explanation he will be detained until it can be sorted out. Witness the poor guy who was stopped for riding his bicycle the wrong way on the street. He was a peaceful, god-fearing, Bible-teaching man who was here illegally. That was his only crime, yet he was deported back to his homeland, leaving his family, including his American citizen children behind. I certainly hope our cops have better things to do on our behalf than "protect us" from that guy.

This national debate on the illegal immigrant problem is premature. Yes, I know this problem has existed a long time and needs to be fixed. However, what needs to be fixed FIRST is the sieve we call a border. Nothing, in my view, that we are trying to do regarding the illegal aliens presently in this country has a chance to be effective unless and until we shut the borders down, period! Do that first, then let's calmly debate the issue of how to manage the illegal immigrant population.

One writer to the Daily Pilot recently suggested that we shut off any flow of remittances back to Mexico, assuming that would de-motivate some of the folks here illegally from staying and force the government of Mexico to begin to address their abysmal political and economic system that forces workers to flee across our border to seek a better life. Do you think that would be effective? I'm not sure.

You said Your Neighbor has NO influence on the national scene. Well, let's talk about that a little. There is no question about his influence on our city and many of it's elected and appointed officials over the past decade. It is my view that his philosophy created the platform for our current majority, including our young jailer/mayor. Mansoor, in turn, became the tip of the lance in the illegal immigration debate and launched the current frenzy, as witnessed by his frequent, clumsy interviews on the national media. That presence - amplified by him being embraced by Jim Gilchrist as an honorary Minuteman - did, indeed, influence the national debate. Mansoor and his cherubic smile became the "Frankenstein's Monster" created by Your Neighbor. I've never said Your Neighbor was stupid - far from it. He's an insidiously devious, clever guy who has manipulated many people in this community.

So, my young friend, as we bounce down our neighborhood construction zone on East 17th Street for the next several months, this issue will give us much food for thought. I'm happy you choose to engage in the debate here.

5/21/2007 11:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sort of agree with Rob. You neighbor (I call him Martin H. Millard. Please, let's not be afraid to say his name) has little power in the government today. His days are over. People in the community know exactly who he is, and they understand the kind of racist ideology he pretends spread across the city. The government doesn't care about him any more (maybe Bever does. Mansoor has other ideas in mind, and he has already used Millard enough). Now, the questions is. Can Costa Mesa residents be able to wake up? Can we return to normal and put aside Millard's racist ideology and policies? Mmmmmmmm.

5/22/2007 09:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like your so-called fictional character has just kicked it up a notch.
Not only does he control the Costa Mesa City Council, the Orange County Board of Supervisors, and the OC Sheriff's Department, but now has apparently extended his influence to the 30 good citizens serving on the OC Grand Jury. It is being reported today that the Grand Jury finalized a report that states all Orange County cities should have law enforcement officers trained to check immigration status.
It is great to see Costa Mesa leading the way on this issue thanks to the leadership of the current City Council.
If things keep going this way there may be no hope for our population of illegal alien criminals in Orange County. They may find it futile after being deported to return here even if the border is not as tightly controlled as it should be.

5/22/2007 09:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how the only cite is the one guy (illegal by the way) on the bike. The stats released by the Pilot last month show over 40% of the illegal’s arrested were done so for felonies. 40% is a very high for such a small segment. Your logic is very fuzzy, when you choose (intent) to break the law (rob a bank or kill someone) you pay a price, and often your family and others pay too. Should we now stop going after these other types of lawbreakers? Did you know that on the Eastside, over by where you live, in January a white adult male, on a bike, was arrested? He had narcotics, he was an unregistered sex offender and all he did to be caught was break a traffic law on a bike. Gee-wiz I hope the police are profiling in that case.

You state that non-illegal Hispanics are leaving too; do you have proof of this? Santa Ana is as illegal friendly as they come and they are seeing a mass exodus of Hispanics, all leaving for less expensive places to live, like the IE. I recon the minimal amount of legal Hispanics are leaving for either cheaper const of living or a safer environment, safe from the gangs that infest our cities lower income dwellings.

Rob’s point about changing the direction of CM from a pro-illegal city is right on and the Mayor and supporters deemed that a priority for the direction of this city.

5/22/2007 09:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with most of your reply to my post - the state of the borders makes a mockery of hard-core interior enforcement (which only recently has begun to pick up steam). A calm debate about how to manage the illegal immigrant population is definitely in order, and I applaud the GOP senators who are putting the brakes on the horrible "compromise" bill cooked up by Ted Kennedy and McCain, among others.

As I have said previously, we simply can't deport everyone, nor should we. We are a compassionate country, but we are also fair - and allowing millions of law breakers a free pass at the expense of those who follow the rules is terribly unfair and inequitable.

You are right that the federal government has only given lip service to the "long established" laws. That is exactly why local governments must step in. We are fortunate - we have a robust economy and an industrious populace, but many small communities across the nation are suffering greatly under the weight of massive, unchecked illegal immigration. Hazelton, PA is a poster child for this phenomenon.

I'm not sure about shutting off remittances, either. I don't think Mexico is capable of dealing with its economic and social problems. We may see a serious destabilzation in some South and Central American countries that could actually increase the motivation to escape to the US. Guatemala's economy is incredibly dependent on remittances, for example.

As for the "sweeps" - I sincerely doubt that CMPD marches to anyone's tune in that regard. I may be wrong, but the checkpoint WAS a drivers license AND DUI checkpoint. Fact is - lots of people are driving without licenses in this city (and thus without insurance or appropriate training) and we should encourage MORE, not less, of these checkpoints. If I get hit by an uninsured, unlicensed driver I take the potentially massive financial hit. No matter how you feel about illegal immigration - unlicensed, uninsured drivers have no business on the road and should be aggressively targeted.

If that means driving in Costa Mesa is a risky proposition for someone here illegally, even better. Illegal immigration is wrong, I think we agree on that, and anything that can disincentivize illegal immigration passively is a good thing. Don't want to risk an interview with the ICE agent? Don't drive without a license. Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone. Driving is a privilege for citizens, and it certainly isn't a right for illegal immigrants!

You may be right about Your Neighbor's national exposure by proxy, but I have no way of measuring that. I think the national momentum shift currently happening over illegal immigration will drown out that small voice.

As far as Mr. Bicycle goes - yes, he was a compassionate figure, but he knew full well the risks, and came here for purely economic reasons. He was a health care practitioner in his home country, who suffered a job change (he still had a job if I recall correctly) and should have applied to immigrate legally. HE made the choice to put his family at risk of separation - NOT the CMPD officer or ICE agent doing their jobs. Let's not make the mistake of absolving parents of their responsibilities.

Andrew makes an excellent point - you never know who will turn up in a legitimate traffic stop, whether in an automobile or on a bicycle.

Westside - I really don't think Costa Mesa harbors an anti-Latino bias at all. The whole nation is waking up to the illegal immigration issue. Hopefully a reasoned "calm" debate ensues, where people will acknowledge the fact that many illegal immigrants are well-established members of our community, who should be given an opportunity to obtain legal status and pay a penalty for breaking the law in getting here. How we determine who qualifies will be the subject of much debate. As far as the policies you mention - the ICE agent made them moot. The 3R Committee is still funding charities despite Your Neighbor's rants, for instance - and that's with a Mansoor majority.

Thanks for the thoughtful debate, I'm sure it will continue!

5/22/2007 08:42:00 PM  

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