Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Man In Black" On The Attack

For those of you who don't follow his racist rants, Your Neighbor (The-Brain-Who-Ate-Costa-Mesa) over at the CM Press is on a roll again. This time he continues his attack on the Daily Pilot for a number of things, the first of which is the appointment of a columnist, Alicia Lopez, to address items of interest to the Latino community in Costa Mesa. This demographic group represents somewhere between 30 and 40% of the city's population and it apparently bugs "the man in black", as he's been referred to by a comment poster here. This doesn't surprise me at all.

All one has to do is read some of his racist essays, like this one, on sites like the New Nation News to understand where he's coming from. And, of course, his drivel is like a plague - it infects those with a low immune system, as represented by comments posted on some of the Daily Pilot articles. Although he stopped short of doing so, I half-expected him to demand the publication of White Supremacist columns to satisfy his interests.

He then goes on to address the recent appointment of Jim Righeimer as a regular "conservative" columnist in the Pilot. Apparently Old Riggy isn't conservative enough for him - again, no surprise. This guy is so far to the right that he makes Joe McCarthy look like a communist!

Your Neighbor goes on to remind his readers just how dangerous it is to cross him and the so-called "improvers" by recalling how they got chronically inept Chris Steel elected, then got him un-elected. It's a not-too-veiled threat to some currently on the City Council that they'd better not forget who "brung them to the dance" - or else. It's going to be very interesting to see if our young jailer/mayor toes the line drawn by this guy, or if he will follow the wishes of the high mucky-mucks in the Orange County GOP to further his political career. I'm betting on the latter, since he already left one loyal "improver" foot soldier dangling in the wind in favor of appointing Righeimer to the Planning Commission.

Tonight, at the City Council Chambers from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., the California Department of Toxic Substances Control will host an open house and public meeting during which they will invite public comments on the proposed plan to clean up contaminated soil at the Grand Plan Site, 1640 Monrovia Avenue. Certainly, Your Neighbor will be in attendance to beat his drum about the pollution of the whole Westside by those terrible industrial property owners. For those who have not seen him in action, his performance will be worth the price of admission - it's free.

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