Friday, April 13, 2007

Mansoor - Spreading the "Wealth"?

As if he didn't have enough to do trying to tear Costa Mesa apart, it seems our young jailer/mayor, Allan Mansoor, has been broadening his reach by inserting himself into the debate in Santa Ana about the Orange County Academy, a proposed "hybrid" charter school in that city.

The image above is a slide from a Powerpoint presentation made recently to promote the school. As you can see, Mansoor (or "Monsoor", as they misspelled his name) is the very first public official named as a supporter - ahead of the four county supervisors and members of congress and the state government.

My friends at the Orange Juice! blog are curious about why our mayor is inserting himself in the politics of their city, since he has only expressed disdain for anything going on in Santa Ana in the past. What's the deal, Mr. Mayor? Don't you have enough on your plate with the city and your day job in the jail? More than a few people in Santa Ana would just as soon your kept your nose out of their business.

Some will recall that a few years ago, when the mayor was a "newby", sharing the dais with the chronically inept Chris Steel, he made a push to close the Orange Coast College Swap Meet. At the time he cited major traffic on our streets caused by "people coming down across our northern border" to attend the swap meet - read that Hispanics from Santa Ana. This move, orchestrated by The-Brain-Who-Ate-Costa-Mesa over at the CM Press, was rejected, but not without some very rancorous debate. However, that was before Mansoor held a death-grip on the majority on the council.

It sure does look like our young jailer/mayor is attempting to raise his profile in anticipation of a run for higher office. It might be interesting to foist off this guy onto somebody else - like the State Assembly, for example. He might just fit in up in Sacramento - he could get lost in the herd and fewer people would notice his lack of performance.

Mr. Mayor, I think you've got your hands full with our own municipal issues. Until you land a seat on the Board of Supervisors, I suggest you butt out of Santa Ana politics. That's a rough and tumble group up there and, quite honestly, I don't think you have what it takes to mix it up with them.

By the way, I noticed that several months ago Debbie Schlussel - the author of a very conservative web log - referred to our mayor as a "Patriotic Arab American". Funny, that's the first time I've seen his ancestry mentioned that way. It's relevant only because he continues to make a big deal of his heritage, and the fact that he's a first generation American and the son of legal immigrants. The fact that he's half-Egyptian is completely irrelevant to anything going on in Costa Mesa as far as I'm concerned. In my view he's as American as any other child born in this country - including those children of immigrants on the Westside of our town. You remember those children, don't you? They are the ones he and his pals are trying to expunge from our city.

So, Mr. Mayor, as you go around proclaiming that you only want to enforce "all our laws", remember that those children are American citizens, too, and are entitled to the same benefits and protections under the law that you enjoy. When your cadre of supporters - that pack of yapping pit-yorkies who write supporting you in the Daily Pilot blog - advocate stripping those children of their citizenship and "sending them back" to the homeland of their parents, be advised that move is but the first step on a very rocky path. Where would it stop? Will your pals not be satisfied unless all recent immigrants are expelled, including their American citizen children? How many generations back would they want to go before our society is "cleansed" of the "impure" bloodlines? Do they want to go back one, two, three generations? They only have to go back one generation to send you packing, Mr. Mayor.


From "The Book Of Useless Information" comes the following entry - something to consider the next time you slather ketchup on your french fries: "Ketchup is excellent for cleaning brass, especially tarnished or corroded brass."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is expected behavior as Mansoor works toward developing a political resume and name ID. If you think about it, there are two types of politicians.

First, you have those that get involved through a sense of community responsibility. They take their responsibility to their constituents seriously and work hard on their behalf. If they do a good job and are respected by their constituent, they are drafted to run for higher office.

Second, you have those that have their own selfish reasons for running for office and are constantly looking for the next higher office and how to get there. If they do something that benefits their constituents along the way it is merely an accidental or calculated byproduct of their own selfish motives.

To me Mansoor is the second. He is in it for himself and where he can get, not for the community and what he can accomplish for us.

4/15/2007 08:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"cleansed"? Wow. So now it's ethnic cleansing to enforce our laws? That's like saying the illegals "ethnically cleansed" CM of the many whites who have left due to the third worlding of many neighborhoods.
DVS, I disagree about Mansoors motives. He may want to move on to something higher after he is termed out but so what. I remember him back in 2000, two years before he ran as a rookie and unseated our Mayor Dixon. It was no accident that our quality of life is improving. Mansoor told us what he was going to do and did it. He is quite popular! (check election results %/total votes cast). He was drafted by his constituents and may well be drafted by Republicans for higher office. I fail to see where there is fault.

4/15/2007 12:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I suspect that some of the Orange County Republican Party insiders have been filling his little head with dreams of higher office and the $113,000 salary that goes along with it. ( My guess is that is a far cry from what a sheriff assigned to the jail makes. Sure we all would like to make more money. The question then becomes, is he interested in representing ALL of his potential constituents or just the ones he agrees with? My expectation is the latter.

4/15/2007 03:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'It's no accident that our quality of life is improving?' I thought 'der mayor' won in such a 'landslide' because it was drastically declining. Which is it, zenofobe?

4/19/2007 07:35:00 AM  

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