Friday, August 05, 2016

I'm The Luckiest Man In The World!

On this date 49 years ago this wonderful woman agreed to be my wife, for better or worse.  This year we almost found out what that "worse" meant.
There is no luckier guy on earth than I am - sharing forty-nine years of wedded bliss with my Sweet Sue.  Recent events have made me realize how important my time with her has been, and is, so I'll be spending a lot more of it with her and a lot less with y'all.
Happy Anniversary, Susie.  You are my one and only love.  Thank you for all the wonderful memories.  I'll let The Platters sing it to you for me.


Thursday, August 04, 2016

An Interesting Twist In Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

The Costa Mesa Planning Commission meets again on Monday, August 8, 2016 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers at City Hall.  You can read the agenda HERE.  I have no idea how many of the commissioners will show up for this meeting.  Chair Rob Dickson was absent from the last one.
Putting the cart before the horse, what's interesting about this agenda is what will NOT be heard on Monday.  Late Thursday afternoon we received a revised agenda for this meeting and Public Hearing #3, the Appeal of Denial of Reasonable Accommodation Request for a sober living home at 351 and 357 Victoria Street, HERE, has been continued to a date in the future at the request of the appellant.  It's my understanding that this is only the first of at least two dozen such appeals that will be descending on the Planning Commission in the next few months.  You may recall that Development Services Director Gary Armstrong advised the commissioners at a previous meeting to expect some special meetings to be scheduled to handle that avalanche of requests.
Back to the rest of the agenda.  Public Hearing #1, HERE, is a request for a one-year time extension on the entitlements on several projects that are linked by parking and other factors at 585 and 595 Anton Blvd. (Symphony Towers) and 531 Anton Blvd. (a 3 story parking structure).  This project has already received several automatic extensions.  If the commissioners deny the request the entitlements will end october 8, 2016.
Public Hearing #2, HERE, is the Urban Master Plan for a five-unit, three-story detached residential development at 752 and 756 West 19th Street, at the corner of Wallace Avenue.  This project is located in the C-1 zone and 19 West Urban Plan and requests a load of deviations from that plan.  Some of those are significant - insufficient guest parking; the lot size only 1/4 the minimum size, and more.  It will be interesting to see what kind of push-back, if any, the commissioners are willing to do.
New Business #1, HERE, is the 2015 Annual Report of the 2000 General Plan, adopted in January, 2002, even though the 2015/2035 General Plan has been approved.  This review is 94 pages of valuable information, most of which is turned on its side, which makes reading and comprehending the information a real chore.  I'll be interested to see how much time the commissioners spend on this issue, since there is already a new General Plan in place.

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Egan Challenges A Bully And A Liar

Today, in the Daily Pilot, HERE, long time resident, Westside activist, former Assistant City Attorney and former member of the Planning Commission, Eleanor Egan takes exception to Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer's recent mischaracterization from the dais of the legal action she took to challenge the veracity of a rebuttal argument that, if not corrected, will deceive the voters in November.

The rebuttal in question, signed by Righeimer and four other residents, reads like a Facebook comment thread.  In fact, many of the phrases contained therein seem very, very familiar - as though  I've read them on that site before.
The issue at hand in Egan's letter in the Daily Pilot is Righeimer's now-trademark misuse of the bully pulpit he occupies on the dais to misrepresent issues and, in fact, in many cases just flat-out lies.  This was the case when he misrepresented Egan's lawsuit recently.

As she explained in her letter, Egan is NOT suing Righeimer and the other four "authors" of the bogus rebuttal - Chuck Perry, Chris Bunyan, Julie Fowler and Lee Ramos.  Her suit is directed at City Clerk Brenda Green and Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley to have them remove - in part or in its entirety - the bogus rebuttal because it contains information that is simply not true and/or misleading.
As anyone paying attention for the past half-dozen years knows, this is Righeimer's style.  He launches off on stream-of-consciousness rants at the drop of a hat, apparently saying whatever crosses his mind, whether accurate or not.  He's the worst kind of a lame duck - with two years left before he is termed-out - so he has nothing really to lose by continuing his pontification and prevarication from the dais.  He bullies people, interrupts them to break their train of thought, then uses "his time" to chide, vilify and put inaccurate spin on the issues.  He's very much like Donald Trump - he apparently just cannot stop himself.  He loves to hear the sound of his own voice, even when he's lying.  Maybe especially when he's lying.
On the positive side, there are no more council meetings scheduled for this month.  They chose to cancel the August meeting, apparently in deference to vacation schedules.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 6th, so we may have a month of reprise from Righeimer's obsfucation from the dais.

Keep in mind that this is a campaign season.  Expect greater than average number of lies and other misrepresentations coming from Righeimer, Mensinger - who actually IS running for re-election - and their buddies.  We have seen their tactics in play for the past several months.
  • They didn't like the Costa Mesa First citizen-generated so-called Smart Growth Initiative, so caused the City to create an opposing ballot measure to confuse the voters. 
  • They didn't like the citizen-generated initiative by the Fairview Park Preservation Alliance, designed to protect Fairview Park, so they had the city create an opposing measure for the ballot to confuse the voters. 
  • They didn't like the two medical marijuana initiatives that qualified for the ballot, so cobbled together their own measure that is supposed to "compete" with them on the ballot.  Only problem there is that it really DOES NOT compete with them because it has no retail distribution element.  The City measure is designed to control upstream issues - manufacturing, transportation, testing and wholesale distribution and it's restricted to a very small section of the City.  There is NO retail sales element.

Pay attention at future meetings and you may actually see Righeimer's nose grow.  The residents of this city deserve much, much better than this.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Mosquitoes, Sandbagged & More

The short-handed Costa Mesa City Council - Mayor Steve Mensinger and lamest of lame ducks Gary Monahan were absent - conducted their only meeting this month and, although the agenda was small, we had some interesting moments.
Early in the meeting Paul Shoenberger, General Manager of the Mesa Water District, made a "presentation" of three items to the council and led off with a summary of the current condition of the drought.  Mesa Water has recently told us that we can water all we want on any day of the week.  Shoenberger tried to temper that by saying he hoped we would continue to conserve.  He also told us that Mesa Water has achieved 3 years in a row without a lost-day accident - certainly an admirable achievement.  We want everyone to be safe.
However, sandwiched in between those two items was his presentation of the "survey" recently contracted for unilaterally by the Mesa Water Board, the results of which apparently leads that organization to presume that the combination of Mesa Water and the Costa Mesa Sanitary District would serve the residents better.  So, the Mesa Board has chosen to place an "advisory measure" on the November ballot - I guess to test the community mindset on this issue.  Unfortunately, this decision was made without consultation with the Costa Mesa Sanitary District and, based on recent newpaper articles, the CMSD Board is considering legal action.  It seems, based on rebuttal correspondence I've seen, that the consultants chosen by Mesa Water used old data and misguided assumptions.  That kind of stuff happens when you don't consult with the other agency when barging forward with a study designed to support your planned hostile takeover of that agency.
During the discussion Council Member Katrina Foley asked Shoenberger some very pointed questions on this issue.  For example, he acknowledged that if the measure passes "with a significant number", then it would probably be submitted to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) for consideration.  Foley asked if the Mesa Water organization had consulted with LAFCO BEFORE the survey was contracted.  He did a pretty nifty tap dance, avoiding the answer several times, before she finally boxed him into a corner when he said "Yes".

She also wondered if the consolidation of agencies was such a good idea, why folding both Mesa Water and the CMSD under The City was not considered.  He had no answer for that except to acknowledge it was something to consider.

She asked him about Mesa Water's current bond debt.  Again, doing his best Fred Astaire imitation, he toe-danced around an answer, stating that Mesa was Triple A rated.  She persisted and he finally told us that Mesa Water currently has $20 million in debt.  She asked him about the CMSD, and he said he believed it had no debt.  Uh, huh...
It was clear by the end of this "presentation" that Shoenberger was using this opportunity to influence the public to think positively about their ballot measure.  No mention was made about the cost to ratepayers to place the issue on the ballot and to advertise it - estimated by some informed sources to be a combined total of $150,000!  Foley and Sandra Genis both suggested that Mesa Water should be given an opportunity to respond on this issue at a subsequent meeting.

During Public Comments Charlene Cass complained about the construction at the Santa Ana Country Club and was advised by Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer that the City has no jurisdiction over that location, but staff would contact them about being a good neighbor.

Jay Humphrey complimented City Clerk Brenda Green and her staff for the outstanding work they have done with all the initiatives this year.

Beth Refakes reminded us of the dress drive for the women of the 1/5 Marines at Camp Pendleton.  Donated dresses are being collected to help them for the Marine Corps Ball, coming up in October.  She also told the council that the Military Affairs Team recently helped freshen up the paint on the airplane at Lions Park.
Cindy Black complained about several properties owned by Barry Saywitz which, apparently, are now part of a sober living organization.  She showed photos of the misuse of the property.  She also showed evidence that those properties were supposed to be affordable rental units and had received a density bonus when built.  Righeimer said the staff will investigate because that's a federal crime.
Kim Hendricks addressed the inadequate application for the Parks & Recreation Commission submitted by Julie Mercurio, then showed images of Fairview Park to emphasize the need for its protection by the citizen-initiated initiative.
Greg Thunnel raked the council over the coals for bad ideas.

A person calling herself Sharknado used a shark-oriented graphic to make a point about how the sharks (developers and others) were circling the city.
Paul Nelson spoke about his concern for aerial spraying for mosquitoes.

Wendy Leece told us the District Attorney rejected her request for an investigation of what she perceived as a Brown Act violation during the approval of the district voting measure, and implied she's not done with this issue.
Teresa Drain reminded us of the 4-year anniversary celebration of the First Friday Road Show this coming Friday evening beginning at 5:30 in the City Hall parking lot.

Mary Hanna complained about the mosquitoes.

An unidentified speaker complained about Mensinger's behavior on the dais and urged folks to consider it when voting.

An unidentified man complained about parking in the Coolidge/Paularino area.  He was advised to speak with city staff about resident-only parking.

Robin Leffler addressed Shoenberger's presentation and suggested The City invite a member from CMSD to speak to it, too.
Steve Klein, daughter in his arms, expressed concern about mosquitoes and West Nile Virus.
During Council Member Comments Genis led off with a lengthy presentation about the mosquito issue.  She is the city representative on the Vector Control Board and provided a good summary of the actions being taken by that organization to abate the problems.  The ponds at Fairview Park are a particular issue.  The following slides will be helpful to you, especially the important telephone numbers.  Remember, NO standing water and report dead birds.  She also observed about Shoenberger's presentation and suggested the CMSD be given equal time.
Righeimer was up next, told us he just returned from vacation and said he was disappointed people continue to attack council members.  He said, "Let's just get through November."  Well, yeah!  He wants his pals elected so he can continue to run roughshod over the City.  A note: He was more mellow, more jovial, last night.  Perhaps because he was outnumbered for a change.
Foley reminded folks about the OC Fair and thanked Mrs. Hanna for opening her home for a neighborhood meeting on the mosquito issue.  She agreed with Genis on the Mesa Water issue.  She asked CEO Tom Hatch if that issue had been discussed in the liaison meetings with the Special Districts?  He said, "Not yet".  She also spoke on the "impartial analysis" presented for certain ballot measures, observing that at least one of them was far from impartial.  City Attorney Tom Duarte indicated that the City Attorney's officer prepared them and nobody had input in that analysis.
CEO Hatch, spoke at length about the mosquito problem, the meeting held and the plans in place to attack the issue.  Information will be posted on the City website soon.  We also learned that a full-time staffer will be hired to oversee those kind of issues at Fairview Park.
Righeimer observed that the ponds were not "natural", and that he'd be interested in having them plowed and filled if the current measures don't resolve the mosquito issue.  That's right... sounds like a perfect excuse to place some playing fields down there, doesn't it?
He then said something, while addressing the federal grants used to accomplish the pools, that I also thought was very telling.  He was complaining that when we use federal money we lose control of the area - that they require us to fence it off and can't even build bridges over the ponds to bird-watch - mentioning that his wife is a bird-watcher.  Then he said, "Always be aware that when someone brings you money there's something attached to it."  Really, Jimbo!  You mean like campaign contributions, for example?

Seven items were pulled by the public from the Consent Calendar.  The rest were passed on one vote and those seven were trailed to the end.  All of those passed with very little substantive discussion.  One person pulled most of them, usually because she didn't understand the issues.

Public Hearing #1, the vacation of right-of-way near a project bordered by Pomona Street, 17th Street and Superior Avenue.  What should have been a short, pretty routine issue, evolved into a long discussion about the policy and sequence in which these things - there have been MANY such vacations of rights-of-way in recent years - should happen.  Eventually, when the vote was called it failed, 2-1.  Such issues require a majority council vote, which meant a 3-0 vote last night.  Because these kind of things should be heard by the Bicycle and Walkability Committee first, it was decided - on a 3-0 vote - to bring it back on September 20th and the committee will have it on their agenda on September 7th.
Next was Public Hearing #2, the appeal of the Planning Commission approval of a permit for a Conservatory at property at 3184 Airway, near John Wayne Airport, in an industrial park.  This one got very interesting very quickly when the lawyer representing the Koll-Irvine Center Association told the council that it could not vote on this because the two issues were the jurisdiction of the Association, not the council.  The Association OWNS the common areas, including the parking, so the council COULD NOT require or approve any shared parking plan.  The discussion went on for an hour before Foley requested a break to consult with Duarte due to pending litigation.  When they returned they voted to continue the item to September 20th to give the attorneys time to evaluate the issue - apparently a huge packet of information had been provided to the council that evening.  The folks from the Berean Church - who planned to sell the property to the Conservatory folks - were there in large numbers again, just as they were when the Planning Commission heard the item , and were not happy about not being able to address the Council on the issue.
Old Business #1, the new rules for campaign signs, was back for a second reading and, again, this should have been a no-brainer, but it wasn't.  They ended up voting twice, and that was after hearing reasoning from staff about why banners could not be considered this time around.  Once again, just as it was the first time around, this issue was very confusing.  So much so that I still don't know exactly what they approved.  I'll research it later and tell you.  We DO know that campaign signs may be up to 5 feet square and a maximum 6 feet height above grade.  And, we do know that they may be displayed for six weeks before an election and must be removed 10 days after.  I think...
Next came New Business #1, the General Plan Screening for the small lot development at 1974 Charle Street.  This project reduces traffic by 90% and does a flip-flop on the parking requirements.  Instead of one car in a garage and two outside spaces, this plan reverses that, with two in the garage and one outside.  The council voted to move it forward.
Following the consideration of the trailed Consent Calendar items Righeimer adjourned the meeting at 10:10.  The next meeting will be on September 6th.

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