Friday, September 04, 2015

A Short, Busy Week Ahead

Next week will be a busy one in Costa Mesa.  Following the Labor Day holiday Monday we will have several very important meetings facing us.  Here's a quick rundown on those meetings for your schedule-planning.

The Costa Mesa Senior Commission meets at the Costa Mesa Senior Center beginning at 9:00 a.m.  You can read the agenda for that meeting HERE.  Among the items to be discussed are:
Chronicle Contest Selection
Computer Classes
Bus Reservations
Senior Advisory Committee.
Click on those titles for the staff reports.
The Costa Mesa City Council and the Costa Mesa Planning Commission will hold a Joint Study Session beginning a 5:00 p.m. at the Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park Avenue (Lions Park).  This venue is different in anticipation of a larger crowd.  Two items are on the agenda, HEREThey are:

(1) Proposed Land Use Alternative For the Year 2015-2025 General Plan Update, Including The Fairview Developmental Center (2501 Harbor Boulevard) and the Los Angeles Times (1375 Sunflower Avenue) Sites.

(2) Proposed Amendments To The Westside And SOBECA Urban Plans.

If you plan to attend, a peek at those staff reports will be helpful to you.  The Fairview Developmental Center and Los Angeles Times properties have been added to this discussion.

Orange Coast College Expansion Meeting
The Coast Community College District will hold a public meeting on September 9, 2015 on the modified Orange Coast College Vision 2020 Facilities Master Plan (proposed project). This meeting will include a presentation of the project by staff and an opportunity for the public to make comments.  The meeting will be held at the OCC campus at the Library Classroom 112 at 6:00 p.m.  Free parking will be available in Lots D & E off of Merrimac.

You can read the eleven (11) page revised Vision 2020 Facilities Master Plan (revision 1) July 2015 document HERE

If you REALLY want to get into this issue, the entire Vision 2020 Facilities Master Plan Recirculated Program EIR - all 550 pages of it - can be viewed HERE.

And, if you REALLY, REALLY love numbers, the entire EIR Apendices - 4,754 pages - can be viewed HERE

The PDF does not provide a table of contents but I have listed the Appendices and there starting and ending pages which are as Follows:

Appendix A – NOP/Initial Study (page 1 – 91) and Comment Letters (pages 97-126)

Appendix B – Air Quality and GHG Emissions Calculations (pages 127 – 1378)

Appendix C – Biological Resources Letter Report (pages 1379 – 1434)

Appendix D – Cultural Reports – Part 1 (pages 1435 – 1580)

Dudek letter on:  Negative Phase I Findings for the CCCD Vision 2020 Plan, Orange Coast College Project, Orange County, CA (Pages 1437 – 1446)
Historic Resources Technical Report – Jan Ostashay, Principal, Ostashay & Associates Consulting, Long Beach, CA (Pages 1447 – 1555)

Paleontological Resource Survey – Paleo Solutions, Monrovia, CA (Pages 1557 – 1580)

Appendix D – Cultural Reports Part 2 (pages 1581 – 3457)

            Historic Resource Report – Page & Turnbull, Los Angeles, CA (pages 1583 – 3457)
Appendix E – Hazards Assessment – (pages 3459 – 4180)

Appendix F – Noise Calculations – (pages 4181 – 4188)

Appendix G – Traffic Impact Analysis, Linscott, Law & Greenspan, Irvine, CA – (pages 4189 – 4754)

Just so you know, I DO NOT plan to read those documents over the weekend, but I plan to attend to hear the presentations and concerns by residents and city staffers. (click on map to expand)
Have a wonderful end-of-summer Labor Day holiday.  We'll be back next week, ready to go on your behalf.

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