Thursday, September 11, 2014

Talbert Regional Park Rehab Workshop

Last night your humble correspondent joined around 40 of your friends, neighbors and other interested citizens at the Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center for a workshop conducted by members of OC Parks and their consultants to discuss the plans for rehabilitation of Talbert Regional Park and, most specifically, the southern-most segment below Victoria Street.
There were many familiar faces in the group, including many environmental activists who have worked hard on Fairview Park and Banning Ranch issues.  Plus, The City of Costa Mesa was represented by Chief Executive Officer Tom Hatch, Assistant CEO Rick Francis and Director of Public Services Ernesto Munoz.  Munoz must be working the swing shift because he's been at each of the three evening meetings I've attended this week and will certainly be a the I-405 meeting later tonight, also at the Community Center.  Termed-out Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach also attended the meeting, as did councilwoman Wendy Leece and council candidate Jay Humphrey, both of whom actively participated in the process.
Rather than explain the steps taken by the consultants I've presented images of the slides they used as they guided the discussion. 
Following an introduction by OC Parks staff and the consultants the attendees were asked to break into groups and discuss their thoughts about what they'd like to see, or not see, in the southern section of Talbert Park.  After a half-hour or so each group was asked to present their ideas to the body as a whole.  That data will be accumulated and included in the mix as this process goes forward.
Quite honestly, I expected less when I showed up last night, but I think the time was well-spent.  That seemed to be the consensus of the participants with whom I spoke after the meeting ended, too.  The proof, of course, will be what the end-result of this process turns out to be.  I do know that several of the participants last night are VERY passionate and focused on these issues, so they will remain attentive to the progress, or lack thereof, as this moves forward.  Information will be posted on the website shown on the last slide.

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