Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monahan Absent - Righeimer Freaks Out

How many times have I mentioned in the past that, as the hour grows closer to midnight, Costa Mesa City Councils typically make bad decisions? I know, I can't count the number of times I've said that, either. Well, last night was typical of that problem, only worse. Last night, as the council discussed the last item on the agenda, the mid-year budget review, Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer had what amounted to a meltdown. But, before I explain what happened you need a little context. And, oh yes, former mayor Gary Monahan was absent from his first meeting after stepping down as mayor. No word was given for his no-show.

You may rec
all that I've been complaining that the City had not posted the 5-year Forecast spreadsheet on the City Web Site yet, even though it had been created a few weeks ago. And, during that meeting, Righeimer pulled numbers out of the air with no discussion about how he arrived at them. At the time, and a couple times since, I speculated that he would cast those fabricated numbers in concrete then expect CEO Tom Hatch and his staff to prepare a budget to cover those expenditures. Well, tonight that's exactly what happened!

At the end of a long evening Finance and Information Technology Director Bobby Young provided a brief overview of the mid-year budget status, blitzing through the various exhibits because, theoretically, the council was familiar with them from the previous study session. The half-dozen of us remaining in the auditorium struggled to stay up with him as the minute hand on the clock swung past 11:30 p.m. and began that slow climb to midnight. The council really only had two actions to take - vote to approve the budget adjustment that was the result of information contained in the exhibits Young discussed and then vote to receive and file the report.

As they began to con
sider the question councilwoman Wendy Leece balked, first because Righeimer was demanding that Hatch chop vacant staff positions and was vague about how much money he wanted to get. Righeimer said something like, "Oh, five or six million". She continued, indicating that she would not be supporting the motion because of the excessive legal fees - $900,000 of the adjustment was to replenish the Self Insurance Fund from which litigation costs are covered. Budget projections show those numbers doubling before the end of the fiscal year. When the vote was taken it was 2-2, with Leece and Righeimer voting NO. A tie means the vote failed. Old/new part-time, part-time Mayor Eric Bever and non-elected councilman Steve Mensinger looked stunned! Then it got worse.


Righeimer began his meltdown, ranting about wanting Hatch to come back with what kind of tax increases it would take to cover the $12,000,000 shortfall projected in the 2012/2013 budget. Well, they have not even done that budget yet, but that is what his 5-year spreadsheet - full of fabricated numbers - said. So, in a fit of pique, he ranted about being tired of sitting up there and being criticized by some people (Leece) on the dais that can't add. On and on he went about Nordstrom, and how some people on the dais (Leece) thought a huge business license fee increase was all we needed, but that businesses other than Nordstrom would leave our city if we raised them. He looked and sounded just like a little kid throwing a tantrum! I must tell you that, in all the years I've been watching council meetings, I've never seen such an immature, petulant, unprofessional display in my life! And, what made it even more ironic was that Righeimer had just finished saying that they needed mature leadership up there! Gee, Jim... no kidding! They're sure not going to get it from you!

The upshot of that display of irresponsibility was that the much-needed budget adjustment did not get passed, so we will show nearly a $1 million shortfall due to excessive leg
al fees. I watched Bobby Young leave the auditorium reeling from what had just happened.


Earlier in the evening he showed signs of what was to come when he complained about people trying to keep the Charter off the ballot and, from the dais, blamed, specifically, the City Clerk for the error. He named former councilwoman Katrina Foley - as she was entering the auditorium - as some kind of conspirator because she is part of a lawsuit filed to keep the city from shoving aside the clerical mistake that was made and get the judge to order the Registrar of Voters to accept the ballot measure from The City. I watched Foley fume as she calmly waited her turn to speak, then ripped Righeimer - and properly so. He was way, way out of line - again. We should have know what was coming.


Oh, yes, some other things happened last night, too. The much-feared modificati
on of the agenda which, if passed as Bever proposed, would have moved public comments and the CEO Report to the end of the meeting and council member comments to the front. After a long, long discussion with many public comments, Bever finally relented and moved to keep the Public Comments at the front following Presentations, move the Council Member comments forward to follow Public Comments, then Hatch's report after that. He did, however, threaten any rowdies that he would reserve his prerogative of shutting down public comments if it got to be too long and trail the remainder to the end of the meeting. He and Mensinger both suggested giving priority to Costa Mesa residents during the public comments, too. However, since he ceased the use of comment cards last night, how would he know?

The long, long wait for the Homeless Task Force final report went off well. The short version is that the council approved the plan and wanted a progress report in 6 months. The task force actually did a terrific job on an impossible subject. I recommend you look over the reports linked in my previous entry.


The council also went along with Wendy Leece's plan for a Military Affairs Team - an all-volunteer force to work closely with our adopted Marine battalion, the 1/5. It was ironic that t
hey quibbled over a minuscule amount of staff time needed to support it, then spent money like they were printing it later. As a veteran, it really ticked me off to see such an apparent disregard for the sacrifices our fighting men and women make for us.

After a VERY brief presentation the council approved the use of Fairview Park for a Civil War Reenactment weekend later this spring.


I must say that I'm absolutely aghast at Jim Righeimer's performance last night. It was
clear to most in the auditorium that the pressure of his failures in his first year in the job are getting to him. It is causing him to act so irrationally that he's putting the city's financial well-being at risk. The best thing that could happen to our city now is for three new council members be elected in November - folks with a much more reasonable, mature approach to governance. The longer Righeimer is in control of the majority - and let there be no doubt that he is in control - the damage being done to our city is severe and may take a decade to undo. Remember in November...

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Anonymous Riggys Tantrum said...

Thanks for staying up late to inform the Good People of Costa Mesa.
I suspect that crank other blogger will be here in a moment to berate you.

Thanks again!

ps...His lawn FINALLY saw some water last weekend.
(It rained!)

3/21/2012 05:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Draft said...

Foley for city council. We need viable candidates to run for city council against the "Gang of Four". I don't know if there is a school board/city council conflict issue or not as she stepped down for the school board, but she could win with BOTH arsm tied behnd her back and no one seems to be peeping up about running except for those on the GOF side.

3/21/2012 06:54:00 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Righeimer's meltdown is the precise basis for the expression, "Extremist Nut." That's what he's been for years; now we're seeing it publicly.

The tide has turned in Costa Mesa. People from across the political spectrum have come together to oppose the lies, and save our city from this nutjob's agenda.

Will the bootlickers go down with the ship, or soon jump to save themselves?

Stay tuned- there's still a long way to go.

We'll remember the betrayal of Gary and Eric long after Riggy has moved on to the next buffet.

As the extremists continue their assault on CMPD and CMFD, let's say a little prayer that nobody dies or gets injured because of cutbacks or forced overtime.

And to Wendy- hang in there. Justice is coming.

3/21/2012 08:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Pioneer said...

I find it so sad that not one person has stepped up to the plate to run against the worst City Council majority in the history of the city. Since 1953, this community has grown from Goat Hill into one of the finest, most advanced and diverse communities in the state. In but a very short time, these four people have literally disemboweled city government in Costa Mesa. They have divided the community, demoralized city employees, disbanded efficient programs, driven away business and made city council meetings fodder for You Tube. I only wish I were young enough to run. It sickens me to have to watch as they continue to ruin a once great city. I have been here since 1951 and served in WWII.I have watched MANY city councils come and go in my time here. I was here before the Plaza and before the farms became shopping centers. All of the prior councils, even when they disagreed, worked for the betterment of our city.The results of their efforts are visible wherever you look. Yes, there were mistakes along the way, but we learn as we go along and later councils worked to make right the good faith errors made by earlier elected officials..ALL in good faith.We are now at a very critical time in our future for many reasons. Many important issues need to be examined and resolved if Costa Mesa is to regain their rightful place as one of the best cities in the state. Are these really the people you want determining the future of this city?? I doubt I will be around in November to find out, as I am not getting any younger and at my age I check the obituaries daily to make sure I'm not there. PLEASE will someone with Costa Mesa's future and the future of our young people in mind instead of their own political ambitions please step up and challenge these people. Please.
Thanks for listening.

3/21/2012 08:51:00 AM  
Anonymous what the heck just happen said...

Great. Bever immature and Righeimer loses it. What in the world kind of circus did they run last night?

Who doesn't get it and understand numbers? Seems Righeimer doesn't. Leece never asked nor implied to try and solve the Righeimer created budget grand canyon by raising business
Iicense tax. She asks as do many for some fairness and balance regarding the business license tax in Costa Mesa. A sliding scale tax would be fair.

But how about this. Close the loophole on the Fire Fighters overtime where only if you actually work 4 days do you get overtime. Not 3 days worked and a vacation day. What would that be $2,000,000. Negotiate with your safety associations to pick up the percentage allowed by CalPers what would that be another 3-4 million dollars? Get the general employees to pick up the rest of their CalPers allowed another $1,000,000. place on the ballot a fair and reasonable sliding scale business license tax another $1,000,000. Add it all up and we can get to Righeimers fabricated $6,000,000 million deficit easily.

But I am afraid that would take real leadership which is lacking in Costa Mesa and doesn't meet the OCGOP agenda of Baugh and Moorlach to eliminate campaign funding that usually favors democrats. That's what this is all about and everyone knows it and is too afraid to say it.

Jim Righeimer showed last night he should not be in politics.

Fix the problems. But do it right and reasonably and at all cost do not act childish. If you do lose it be thankful you are not running this year.

3/21/2012 08:59:00 AM  
Anonymous schmansparency said...

Righeimer is sick and tired. I am sick and tired of hearing how the Unions have elected and stacked the dais with members to spike their pensions.

If you look at the truth this is totally false. In 2009 when the fire mou was approved for 3% at 50 you had 4 republicans on the dais. Monahan and Leece supported the action. Bever and Mansoor did not.

In 2008 there were 3 republicans when general employees were bumped to 2.5% at 55. The republican majority Mansoor, Bever and Leece voted for the action. Not only did Mayor Bever support this he was the member who made the motion to approve and then he praised the city employees for their picking up the tab.

So how can these people continue to say the unions stacked the council in their favor to get their pensions spiked? Republicans have controlled the majority and could have easily defeated these. As stated Bever actually made the motion to approve the general employees enhancement and he praised them for being fiscally compassionate about this by picking up the tab.

Anyone can check these facts easily on the city's transparent website.

3/21/2012 09:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Live from Costa Mesa... It's Tuesday night live said...

When speakers repeat the majoriy position it's called consensus. When it's not in their favor it's a waste of time. Is this really the best Costa Mesa can do for leadership?

I love it when Fitzpatrick speaks. I sure hope he runs for council and gets elected. I won't have to watch sitcoms anymore I can just tune in to the council meetings.

If it all goes as planned we could have a Laurel and Hardy team with Don Rickles to boot.

I am certainly afraid to speak at meetings. Have you seen the glares you get if you don't speak in support of them. That is just too funny the claims their side is too afraid to come and speak. Yeah Helen and Billy lie in wait to mug people in the parking lot.

3/21/2012 09:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Here We Go said...

Geoff, excellent reporting. I am not surprised that Monahan is not there. He is pulling a Bever, so he can keep on collecting his pay, health benefits and pension payments without having to show up regularly. This was why he did not resign the council all together. As for Righeimer's ranting. It is all very entertaining watching a buffoon implode. I love how he blames others for the mistakes of city staff and his attorneys. Foley just wants the rules to be the same for everyone, something Righeimer can't live by, because he is "special." If the judge approves Costa Mesa's request then he has set a precedence that will affect all future ballot initiatives. I doubt any lawful judge would go that far. We will see how this unfolds.

3/21/2012 10:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Take Back Costa Mesa said...

What the heck just happened... You should run for council. Your solutions are the most rational and reasonable that I have heard in a long time.

What has happened to the OCGOP and Republicans like Righeimer. This is why someone like Obama will probably get re-elected. How scary is that? The Republicans look like they have lost their minds. All this ranting and raving and playing the blame game does not play well with voters. I want my city back.

3/21/2012 10:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. D said...

Et Tu Bever? Beware the ayes of March...

I can't wait to see dais' version of King Fear and a Midsummer's Blight Dream...

3/21/2012 11:24:00 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Take Back Costa Mesa wrote:

"What has happened to the OCGOP and Republicans like Righeimer..."


Righeimer isn't a "regular Republican,"- he's a far-right extremist, willing to sacrifice Costa Mesa for a personal agenda.

People like Genis and Leece are Republicans, but they come up with normal solutions and ideas without tantrums, lying, or attacking police and fire.

When I moved to OC in the 70s, I never thought I'd see it become a Democratic stronghold like L.A. Thanks to people like our Riggy, it's happening as we speak.

3/21/2012 11:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Very Concerned said...

To answer your query "Live", yes, residents are seriously concerned about being attacked by Helen, Billy and all the other rabid union members. We had more than enough violence last year.

3/21/2012 11:29:00 AM  
Anonymous XXL Straitjacket said...

"Sir, we understand you had a stressful meeting but you are NOT allowed to run down Fair Drive naked."

"Hey! I'm the King of Costa Mesa! Be gone union thug!"

"Dispatch.. Transporting one middle-aged male to Fairview..."

3/21/2012 11:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Jimmy said...

“People like Genis and Leece are Republicans, but they come up with normal solutions and ideas”

You mean ideas like allowing prayer in public schools, banning the teaching of evolution, and making gay conduct illegal? (This is Ms. Leece. I have no idea the views of Genis)

3/21/2012 11:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Is there a doctor in the house? said...

I was unable to attend the meeting but watched a live stream online and did catch Righeimer's shocking rant. I agree that it was inappropriate and somewhat delusional, especially about the purported fears about the helicopter program and some dig at Katrina Foley. I find it especially offensive when he verbally attacks Wendy Leece if she raises legitimate questions about the budget and excessive amounts spent on legal services. He illustrates the saying about the best defense is a strong offense, but he goes overboard. Maybe he needs a thorough medical check-up to rule out a health issue like low blood sugar or poor circulation.

3/21/2012 12:47:00 PM  
Anonymous OCGOPfan said...

missed the meeting but look forward to the "rant". Past statements by Righeimer that you called "rants" were very informative, normal statements that you did not agree with. Calling them rants was over the top. Maybe he did a real one last night, I shall see later. I do agree with the whiners that unions have not stacked the council, at least since 2000. Oh, they tried but went down in flames either as Return to Reason, CM First, and now will be scorched with CM4RG. They will get their 40% of the votr, not enough. Police and fire are not just simply heroes now, they are greedy heroes. Good Job Gang of Four, we will not abandon ship. Full throttle up, Challenger.

3/21/2012 01:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Lunatic Fringe, we know you're out there said...

Jimmy, I agree. It was Wendy Leece who wanted to ban books while on School Board.

Sad, the council gadflies and the lunatic fringe have idols like Wendy Leece. No one has talked about the woman Moorlach says is not fit to serve when she stabs Assembly Member Allan Mansoor in the back & heart by endorsing Leslie Daigle from Newport Beach forget oc CIP crap, Mansoor has done nothing but support Leece. Leece is straight up crazy. Weathervane Wendy name comes to mind.

And then they gravitate to the whiner Katrina Foley. Foley is suing the City. Both sides of Charter are ready to go. And Foley sues the City. I bet she is partnering with the higher priced Union Thug lawyers, make City lawyers look like chino change.

Then there is the Pot Belly, saddest of all the idol worship

Well, when no one will "listen" Weathervane Wendy and Whiner Foley will. And Captain Kangaroo will attempt validation by blogging.

3/21/2012 01:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Wishful thinking said...

What the heck just happened...

Do you seriously think that Fire Assoc would give up, on average, $30,000 in OT income voluntarily? Add to that the employee constribution of $10k plus? NO WAY.

3/21/2012 01:21:00 PM  
Blogger Angry White Man said...

Riggy and his followers don't want a balanced budget and don't want any real pension reform. They NEED that big bad scary pension boogeyman as they have no other talking points and nothing else to offer. Worst council ever.

3/21/2012 01:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Eleanor Egan said...

I had to leave the Council meeting around 11:20 and hoped to catch what I missed on the video. Does anyone know why the March 13th and March 20th videos won't play?

3/21/2012 01:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Texts on the Dais said...

"I'm starting to FREAK THE F OUT!!! Go charter!! Union thugs!!! Wheeeee!! need more meds. What did the doc gice you for the chest-bumping? Just slip em to me!...hohohhoho!"

"Heh! This new seating is the sh**! We can text AND touch!"

"hahaha! Tomorrow we attack Foley! Tell all the trolls- Foley bad Foley bad! FOLEY THUG! Bahaha"

"Here comes Fitzy- lemme give him a fist-bump"

"I just flipped-off West!"

3/21/2012 01:50:00 PM  
Anonymous OCGOPfan said...

yes i will see later what happened at the meeting when jimmy lets me out of the closet. I made the mistake of calling him crazy and thinking maybe the ocgop would pay for treatment but thats part of obamacare and my master says thats really bad and we musnt support it! so i guess jim will just have to rant and you listen because he's the boss and we're all just the puppets like eric!

3/21/2012 02:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Mary Ann O'Connell said...


First, let me thank you for all your time yesterday. You started at the court in the AM, posted updates and stayed all night. I was hungry and had a desk full of work so I bugged out and watched on TV.

That was truly awesome. I sat dumbstruck as I watched the meltdown and all I could here was my mother’s voice saying, “If you pull the threads, they whole thing will unravel.” That’s what we are witnessing.

Every argument Mr Righeimer has put forward has been disproved. Every lie overturned and his plans thwarted. It seems to me he has begun to believe what he started as a contrived set of steps to a bigger agenda. In his head he is the king and he truly can’t understand why we all don’t go along with him. Ah, hubris. It has been one of the fatal flaws that undoes every protagonists since the time of the ancient Greeks. He is not immune.

That was very evident last night as he was called out repeatedly for being the main bully in the room. When I spoke I looked him right in the eye and he didn’t react at all. He simply does not see what he has become and that is truly and literally pathetic.

To "Live From Costa Mesa - It's Tuesday Night," who feels afraid to address the council – my father taught me the best way to deal with a bully is to walk up to him quietly and then punch him in the nose. I prefer to do that verbally and there is nothing they can do to hurt you. An icy glare? Shake it off, but be sure to be heard. Silence is what they are after. Our silence is their victory.

So, keep speaking, keep reporting and blogging, keep challenging in court. Keep pulling on the threads and the whole thing will unravel.

3/21/2012 02:06:00 PM  
Anonymous almostdone said...

When a OCR reporter refers to the Costa Mesa city counsil as "SNAFU" that pretty much sums it up.
If you don't know what that means, it's the same as "FUBAR".
Look it up.

3/21/2012 02:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Next? said...


Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?

The "OCR reporter" is actually a columnist - Barbara Venezia. The snafu was the missed deadline, which was not the council's doing.


3/21/2012 03:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Oh Well said...

Doesn't surprise me one bit he lost it. The stress has got to be getting to him! Think about it, what has he done that is so great for the city.

1. Got the city sued by not following the rules with his outsourcing scheme.

2. Cannot create any kind of pension reform because police/fire contracts are not up until 2014.

sidenote to #2...If he was a reasonable man he could have come to the associations and asked for concessions and worked with them. Instead he tried to bully his way into it and got him no where. You know the old saying...You can catch more flies with honey, well you know the rest.

He can come up with fictitious numbers, and turn the citizens against the employees but that is about it.

3. He can only can drop police and fire numbers to unsafe levels and CREATE overtime situations as punishment until associations come to the table. Hasn't worked so that plan is a fail.

4. Creating more debt by hiring overpaid consultants and lawyers.

He can continue to scream "Blame Unions!" until he is blue in the face which he has but it has not got him no where on his quest for pension reform.

Although, it is not his fault, he has to be even more frustrated that a clerical error is now standing in the way of his Charter vision to get on the June ballot.

If the judge doesn't side with him, he will definitely lose it! It will be placed on the November ballot and whether it passes or not it is still a black mark on him.

He can have his supporters argue for him saying what great things has he done. All you people do is blame city employees and unions anytime things don't go the cities way. It's getting old and tired. Come up with a new argument.

3/21/2012 03:51:00 PM  
Anonymous M.H. Grant said...

I hear that Lush Monahan's attic is now the campaign headquaters for Dana Roerbacher (sp?). Wow, just picture the excitement at that place at night! All the groupies can hang there and plan their futures together and knock down a few brews at the same time. I guessing these in-house spy will give us lots to read here over the next few months. Think I'll sit out front in my truck and photograph patrons to see if I can catch a Brown Act violation or two.

3/21/2012 04:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Lawrence L. said...

Every argument Mr Righeimer has put forward has been disproved. Every lie overturned and his plans thwarted at least for now.

At Riggy's urging Rick Francis, Steve Mensinger convened a meeting with a temporary working for Apple One and offered to "create" a position for her at City Hall. This meeting was approved by Claire Flynn, Assist. Development Services Director. Whilst Riggy is speaking from one side stating "Eliminate EPositions!", his cronies are creating ideal new positions for friends to assist the the 5th Floo, which has Two Executive Secretaries, One Executive Assistant and One Errand Boy... They want to create aManagement Analyst for Rick Francis but lay-off Redevelopment Personnel and circulate pink slips?
Also why are Apple One temporaries taking City property home to work on? Seems a lot of odd things are going on at City Hall as always...Stay Tuned for the fun!!

3/21/2012 04:14:00 PM  
Anonymous ACTUALLY! said...

SNAFU actually is pretty discriptive of what's happening with the council at this point and Barb is one of the few who tell the truth over there.


3/21/2012 04:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Who Knew.... said...

Jimmy - I agree when you say: "People like Genis and Leece are Republicans, but they come up with normal solutions and ideas”

You mean ideas like allowing prayer in public schools, banning the teaching of evolution, and making gay conduct illegal? (This is Ms. Leece. I have no idea the views of Genis)"

Two years ago I never would have believed that Wendy would be the most sane and logical Council member. I couldn't fathom her right wing nutjob views as being representative of CM. Comparitively speaking she is now the normal one.

3/21/2012 04:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Skosh McDrink said...

I hear there are som rumors brewing about Mensinger not running. Seems he has some skeletons in the closet that he doesn't want let out. I hope he runs so we can find out. This is better than the Enquirer!

3/21/2012 05:13:00 PM  
Blogger Femme persistant said...

I have to say, I am a democrat and living in Orange County and it sometimes feels like I am a pork chop in a roomful of hungry dogs. We aren't the bad guys folks. Look at our city what our city has come to. The Democrats didn't do that. Republicans are not that "sainted" party. Your party left the nation in a recession and now blame it on Obama. Get over yourselves.

3/21/2012 08:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Terry Koken said...

Eleanor --
As of 10:30 PM or so, the video of last night's meeting is still AWOL. However, the March 13 (short) meeting at which Eric was canonized is available, though in five- to thirteen-second stutters. For some reason granicus's buffering scheme seems to have run out of storage.
As an early leaver myself, I'm looking forward to seeing R's rant.
(Point of information: "rant" means a lively dance melody, and is said to be an anglicization of the French "courant", which means "running".)

3/21/2012 10:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Ted said...

Thought you might appreciate this article since you also use nazi imagery to bad mouth others. I wonder how local Jewish groups like it.

3/21/2012 11:26:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

My views on many issues are a considered a bit extreme for OC:

I'm all for gay rights and marriage. I don't like public prayer in public schools. (Hell- I didn't even like prayer in my, and then my kids' PAROCHIAL school). I don't like "In God We Trust" in the council chambers or on money. I think my grandfather should have given Lenin and his revolution a chance instead of leaving Russia like he did in 1915. I think anyone who doesn't believe in evolution is confused.

But, above all else, I value honesty, integrity, accountability, and empathy for the downtrodden in my elected officials.

That's why I support Wendy Leece. Even though many of her views are the complete opposite of mine, she has stood up to evil and done the right thing for our city.

3/22/2012 07:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Terry Koken said...

Ted --
You are as obviously deficient in comprehension of English as the author of the referenced article is in his comprehension of German. As they say in German, "Wovon mann nicht reden kann, darueber muss mann schweigen." --Which translates, pretty much, to "If you can't comprehend something, you'd better shut up about it." I invite you to do so.

3/22/2012 11:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Downtrodden said...

Joe, you want "empathy for the downtrodden " in your elected officials? Then you wwant Jim Righeimer, Steve Mensinger and Eric Bever on the council. They're the ones fighting for the residents, thousands of who have suffered mightily in the economic meltdown, and all the non-union building trades people who lost everything when housing fell apart.

If you truly think building trade union members or CM City employees - especially public safety - are downtrodden, you are a fool.

3/22/2012 02:59:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Troll downtrodden:

"If you truly think building trade union members or CM City employees - especially public safety - are downtrodden, you are a fool."


Ah, so you admit that your heroes Riggy, Mensy, and the Bever have attacked our public safety and general employees? This level of honesty is refreshing. Did you check with Lobdell before making this important admission?

And silly me- everyone knows that developers, accountants, and property managers are the champions of working men and women. Let me go get an education, then we can have a debate real soon.

In the meantime, keep the kneepads.

3/22/2012 04:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Downtrodden said...


Kudos for your faithful adherence to the ways of Lenin's propoganda machine! Obfuscation and repetition are effective to some degree.

I'll play along, just who are the downtrodden you are referring to, if not building trade union members or CM City employees - especially public safety? After all, those are the groups opposed to the council's actions, according to you and your masters. Those are the "working class" that Foley is fighting for, right?

The general employees have given enough - they have stepped up. They are the quiet heroes. They made the concessions, they make far less than the public safety people, some make less than some fire OT. Their union should drop the lawsuit and fight outsourcing by proving that they can do the job better and more economically. They should demand that public safety step up and make concessions. If you factor in continuing CalPERS obligations for laid-off employees, it may be a slam dunk.

But this isn't really about them is it, Joe? It is about fighting Das Riggsmarshall and the OCGOP, isn't it?

3/22/2012 06:26:00 PM  
Blogger Gericault said...

Downtrodden....yeah right

Riggy and Mensinger LOVE the Working man....just not when they park their trucks in their own driveways.
Oh...and I have a Fairgrounds to sell ya!!!!
Pass the Kool-aid.

3/22/2012 06:33:00 PM  
Anonymous babysitter needed said...

I just watched the meeting and it kills me to watch Righeimer, Mensinger and even Bever. Do you think any of them ever watch themselves? They berate speakers, speak down at and attempt to ridicule Wendy and employees. If you don't agree with them you don't know math, if you say maybe we can raise some of the business license taxes they go off in a rant vote no on the item they 2nd and claim OK then let's do it all on taxes. Then they have the gall to turn around and say others are uncivil and childish or need adult supervision.

They have no problem taking others comments out of context, twisting those comments and then berating someone for comments the council falsely attributes to the speakers.
I think that whole thing about thou protest too much comes to my mind.

That meeting, the end of it was a total joke. Who needs adult supervision? REALLY!

As a republican voter I am totally embarrassed.

3/22/2012 09:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Eyes are opening said...


I am very surprised. I do not know if I would call them heroes but from what I read on this blog recently it seems the general city employees not only did step up but they did it way back in 2010.

I do not know why this city council attacked general city employees and said things like they bleed the city dry and issued them lay-off notices. It appears from what I have read recently the general city employee not only get it but have stepped up and done it often.

You certainly would not know this from watching council meetings and reading the Daily Pilot.

I also read on this blog recently the council majorities have been Republicans inspite of the false claims it's been union stacked councils and when the city enhanced the general city employees pension to their level today it was a 5-0 vote and Mayor Bever himself made the motion. If I can find that blurb I will post it. It's a fascinating piece of information that apparently is just coming out.

If this is true then shame on this city and their claim of transparency with all the attacks leveled at general city employees being tone deaf and all the other negative comments.

3/22/2012 10:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Eyes are opening said...

downtrodden; found it.

This was from commenter schmanparency earlier in this very same string of comments...

schmansparency said...
Righeimer is sick and tired. I am sick and tired of hearing how the Unions have elected and stacked the dais with members to spike their pensions.

If you look at the truth this is totally false. In 2009 when the fire mou was approved for 3% at 50 you had 4 republicans on the dais. Monahan and Leece supported the action. Bever and Mansoor did not.

In 2008 there were 3 republicans when general employees were bumped to 2.5% at 55. The republican majority Mansoor, Bever and Leece voted for the action. Not only did Mayor Bever support this he was the member who made the motion to approve and then he praised the city employees for their picking up the tab.

3/22/2012 10:28:00 PM  
Blogger Gericault said...

@ Eyes are Opening

Righeimer is denying being republican. Which I'm sure makes many Republicans in this city pretty relieved.

He just quoted this in the latest Brown Act violation story....

"Reached by phone, Righeimer declined to comment, saying he doesn’t talk to “blogs” that refer to the City Council majority as being Republican.
“Get your quotes from somebody else,” he said before hanging up."

3/23/2012 04:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Mark C. said...

Gericault-Riggy has got to be a Republican, because I don't recall seeing "Douche Nozzle" as a choice when I registered to vote.

3/25/2012 11:01:00 PM  

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