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Don Hansen's 19th Street Bridge Solution

Huntington Beach Mayor Don Hansen issued an announcement today that he, as Chairman of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Regional and Highways Committee, has managed to convince the members of his committee that the 19th Street Bridge - currently still shown on the Master Plan of Arterial Highways as a transportation corridor between Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach - should be removed from consideration forever. You can read his announcement below.

I contacted Hansen after I received his information because I, and most other observers, were under the impression that the removal of the 19th Street Bridge required the agreement of the city councils of Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa AND Newport Beach. Both Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa have taken official positions opposing the bridge, but as far as I know Newport Beach has not.

His response to that question was: "I am advancing an exception to policy. We will never achieve consensus and my fellow committee members agreed an exception was warranted." Well, this is good news if he and his fellow-committee members can convince the full OCTA Board on this issue at their meeting on March 12th.(Corrects typo in Hansen's release) I guess we'll see.


In the meantime, I suspect our good neighbors over in Newport Beach are NOT happy with this end-run. If upheld by the full OCTA Board, this might throw a major monkey wrench into the plans to develop Banning Ranch. We'll see...


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Huntington Beach Mayor Don Hansen, the current chairman of the Orange County Transportation Authority's Regional Planning and Highways Committee, was able to secure the committee's approval of the full removal of the 19th Street/Banning Bridge from the County's Master Plan of Arterial Highways (MPAH) at their meeting this morning.

The recommendation passed the committee unanimously and will now be forwarded to the full OCTA Board for consideration. If approved by the OCTA Board, the bridge will be permanently removed from the County's Master Plan.

"It is time to put this contentious issue to behind us once and for all" said Mayor Hansen. In the committee meeting, Hansen cited long standing opposition by the community, combined with the reaffirmed positions of Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa calling for the removal of the bridge from the MPAH.

In January, Mayor Hansen, along with County Supervisor John Moorlach hosted a community forum to gain input on potential bridge scenarios. The overcapacity crowd of 600+ residents were clear - no bridge.

Mayor Hansen credits this community meeting with helping create the momentum to finally deliver a solution.

Hansen said, "The community meeting gave me the momentum necessary to advance this issue at OCTA. While it was a charged environment that evening, I am grateful to the neighbors who came and expressed their views. We are now one step away from a solution many in our community have desired for decades."

The full board will take up this issue Monday March 10th at 9 AM. The public is welcome and encouraged to provided comment.

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Anonymous sadie said...

I like it a lot!!!

3/05/2012 03:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Leadership said...

Now that is leadership.

Non of the cry baby stuff here in Costa Mesa.

No, Banning Ranch did not require 19th St bridge

3/05/2012 03:53:00 PM  
Anonymous We report you decide said...


If any of the current CM Council majority did anything like this unilaterally, people would line up at the podium criticizing the lack of consultation with the public, the rush and the secrecy. Demands to slow down would be heard. A new conspiracy theory would be formed and it would somehow be determined that the OCGOP was behind it. A new "grass roots" community organization would spring into existence and the new rallying cry for the anti-Righeimer cabal would be to SAVE the 19th Street bridge. Mr. Egan would pen eloquent and thoroughly researched posts about the history and evolution of bridges, the Santa Ana River and motor transport in both Huntington beach and Costa Mesa.

3/05/2012 04:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Tamar said...

"Great News!!" indeed.

Mayor Hansen's action was anything but unilateral. He was responding to the expressed will of the people.

This is exactly the opposite of what Mr. Righeimer and his followers have been doing. You name it: the appointment of Mr. Mensinger, the layoff notices, the study of an unwanted plan to commercialize Tewinkle Park (and the subsequent stacking of the committee), and now the rush to a charter have been pushed through over outspoken opposition by many residents.

So, applause to Mayor Hansen, and the fervent hope that our councilmen and "We report you decide" learn to distinguish between endorsed leadership and our councilmen's power grabs.

3/05/2012 05:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Riggy's Idiots said...

Talking about a real leader in HB, a Riggshill wrote:

"If any of the current CM Council majority did anything like this unilaterally, people would line up at the podium.."

Please. Tell your master this feeble attempt at 7th grade "reverse psychology" gets a big "F" in more ways than one.


If the council except Leece did something like this and its purpose wasn't to hustle one of Riggy's extremist pet schemes past the voters, everyone would be too shocked to APPROACH the podium, much less comment.

Now run along. Give your pony boys Swaim and Lobdell a few extra bucks to spread your propaganda.

The rest of us aren't buying.

3/05/2012 06:40:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Without the false distractor of a 19th Street bridge, what will Das Riggmarshal do now to get the voters' attention off his charter blitzkrieg?

3/05/2012 08:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Tom Egan (the man of few words, sometimes) said...

To "We report you decide:"

I enjoyed your satirical riff on my approach to persuasion. You are quite observant and can be very funny at times.

You reported and I decided!

3/05/2012 09:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Perspective said...


Believe it or not, Righeimer is probably doing the exact same thing. There are fewer than 20 citizens who have regularly expressed dissatisfaction with the direction of this council, and a much smaller core group of activists.

3/07/2012 01:56:00 PM  

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