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According to a source close to the Orange County Republican Cen
tral Committee, that group will meet on January 16th and consider an agenda that will consider three additional endorsements. They will support an ineffectual, lame current Assemblyman, a "union-busting" initiative and furthering their takeover of the City of Costa Mesa. Those endorsements are:
  • Allan Mansoor for Assembly District 74 for the primary election on June 5th. You may find the map of the 74th Assembly District, HERE, of interest - particularly if you look at the demographics and voting patterns in the 2008 election.
  • The "Stop Special Interest Money Now" initiative. You can read about it HERE, but it seems to be another attempt to quash union money in elections - even though it also says it is aimed at corporate contributions, too. This looks very much like a protracted version of Section 603 of Jim Righeimer's Charter - his old "Payroll Protection" scheme that went down in flames nearly two decades ago. When you reach the site, be sure you look at the actual initiative language.
  • A slate for the Costa Mesa City Council seats that will include Gary Monahan, Steve Mensinger and, maybe, Colin McCarthy. Looks like Scott Baugh and the boys are worried about their guy, Jim, being left all alone, dangling in the wind if the three open seats are not filled by party loyalists.
I explained to
my source that they're setting the bar pretty darn low if Mansoor is their choice. I won't vote for him, but have not yet decided whether Leslie Daigle or Keith Carlson will get my vote in the primary in June.


I'm sure they realize that a compliant Monahan is going to need a lot of help to get re
-elected again. He has demonstrated that he no longer has what it takes for the job, starting with his despicable actions last St. Patrick's Day. He has virtually abdicated his position to Righeimer and just passively goes along for the ride - and the benefits.

Mensinger, of course, has NEVER run f
or public office - three votes got him his appointed seat last year. I don't view him as a passive person, but I suspect Baugh and his buddies think they can control him, just as they do with Righeimer.

McCarthy has not declared whether he will run or not, but the smart
money is betting that he will. He's laid all the groundwork for it by creating the Costa Mesa Taxpayer's Association - a shill organization for the OC GOP in Costa Mesa. As president, he has a platform from which to spout the party line that, to the passive resident, looks important. It's not, and he's not. If he's successful in gaining a seat along with Monahan, Mensinger and Righeimer - Wendy Leece still has two years on her tour - that would give us three developer-oriented council members and a passive sheep for a fourth vote, if necessary. And, McCarthy, no matter what kind of outfit he wears, is a whole lot smarter than Eric Bever - the lamest of lame ducks who is termed out this year.

During our exchange of views my source told me: "Politics is a rough business to be in. Seeing it from the inside the past few years has been eye opening for me. I tell people that as bad as they think of politics looking at it from the outside, the problems are much worse than anyone's worst imaginations." Having seen how the OC GOP has treated Leece - a loyal soldier until they began to vilify her for doing what she felt was the right thing for the City fifteen months ago - I understand exactly what my source means. Her actions didn't follow the party line, so she has been shunned by virtually every official in The Party ever since. She's on her own.

Of course, that doesn't surprise me, but it does anger me, because the OC GOP has apparently decided to make Costa Mesa it's own little Petri dish - a place where they can experiment with changing the very fabric of the community and the way it's governed - without worrying about doing damage to a more "important" city.


So, dear readers, as this year moves forward and we approach the campaign crazy season, I'll remind you of some of this stuff from time to time. It is my hope that three solid citizens with only the best interests of our city in mind decide to run for the three available seats on the City Council later this year. I know it will be difficult for anyone trying to defeat the OC GOP-sponsored candidates. In addition to being expensive, it will be nasty, too. If we thought Mensinger, for example, was a thug and bully BEFORE he had to run for office, just wait until he has THAT pressure to deal with. Just wait until he has to begin to worry about which skeletons in his closet might be brought out into the light.


In the meantime, it's off to the next council meeting tonight to hear about Righeimer's Charter and the many amendments that have been submitted. As of Monday there were many, many more submitted. You can read all of the suggestions HERE. See you there - the meeting begins at 7:00, following the Special Joint Redevelopment Agency/City Council meeting that precedes it at 6:00. It could be a long, long evening.

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Anonymous unionquiltersforleece said...

Mensinger is in big trouble in this campaign. There will be a lot of skeletons from his distant past brought out and exposed. The employess associations and especially the police have a grudge to settle and will definitley be able to outspend him and the meddling OCGOP. The OCGOP and their ideas should just stay out of this, our unions can handle it! We may not have any ideas of our own but we do know how to complain-loudly and often and we don't think the average voter will investigate our lies. Nor will they care that we pay our cops and firemen 200K and let them retire early. Nor will they know Mensinger's service to youth sports and his role in balancing the budget. We will trump him with negativity, some of it stories from 30 years ago when Mensinger was in college!!(that's all we got, anyway). We will run la fem and "muffs" (have you seen my baseball Ted?)and trounce the evil OCGOP.

1/10/2012 08:06:00 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

To: All Trolls
From: Your Charter Riggmarshal

Attack attack attack! Tora Tora Tora!
Go Charter!

Remember Talking Points for 2012:

1) West angry, old, and stupid;

2) Joe not funny;

3) Mensy not a bully, might have made mistakes as a youth, don't hold them against him in 2012. Ignore airport bullying, bullying of Leece on dais, alleged chest-bumping of teacher Flores, special funding for pet project/friends, former jobs held, unnecessary bill to city to retrieve cell phone, kneepads for me, your Riggmarshal;

Go Charter!
We Need Charter So I Can Be Supreme Leader of Costa Mesa!

4) Gary is good, has always been a leader in Costa Mesa. Bar is center for spirituality and change in Costa Mesa. Gary didn't need to come to city hall on 3/17/11- worker was already dead. Register, Pilot, UNION THUGS, people of Costa Mesa are UNFAIR to Gary!
Gary is good- lets me be mayor.

Re-elect Gary!
Go Charter!

5) Colon is a great leader! Wears Eagle Leader outfit to meeting!

1/10/2012 08:57:00 AM  
Blogger Colin said...

Steve might be able to get "re-elected", but I think Skosh will have a hard uphill climb, and Colin just comes off like a used car salesman. He also tries too hard and that's a turn off for people. It really all depends on who runs in opposition.

1/10/2012 09:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Reality said...


You characterization of Leece as a loyal soldier who has been mistreated really calls into question either your mental health or integrity. I won't assume which, perhaps you're just exhausted and delerious.

Leece made promises to obtain the OCGOP endorsement, then turned around and did exactly the opposite, then tried to vilify the OCGOP when they called her on it. Then, thousands of dollars of union money piured into efforts to get her elected.

If any Democrat had done anything even remotely similar, they would have been viciously denounced or worse - you know that. That is the reality, not sure where you came up with your version. I hope you get some rest soon.

1/10/2012 09:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Irony! said...


The irony of your whole post is just precious. You call the OCGOP evil, and hate their influence. After all, trying to save money for the residents of Costa MEsa is pure evil, right? On the other hand, you're just fine with the influence of unions and their singular goal to get more money from Costa Mesa residents for their mostly non-resident employees.

Like it or not, Mensinger is a long-time Costa Mesa resident, and has a lot more invested in Costa Mesa than the non-resident employee association and union leadership.

Rich. Thanks for exposing the insane hypocrisy.

1/10/2012 09:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Wyatt Earp said...

Correction alert! Correction alert! Another council follower has come out with the same tired misinformation regarding police and fire pay. Once again for the cheap seat, no cops or FF's in CM make $200,000 or more. unionquiltersforleece is hoping everyone is asleep at the wheel so he or she can slip this past us to someone that may not pay very much attention to these things and they may actually believe his exaggerations.

Further, all CM employees, cops and FF's included, have caused the city to save millions of dollars since at least 2008. The general employees made something like 100 suggestions for the city that were soundly ignored. The cops made 26 suggestions in 2010 that were ignored. The city recently gave the FF's the middle finger when the FF's offered to continue to pay the 5% towards their PERS as they continued to talk about a longer term solution. This council mistake alone has cost the CM taxpayer $500,000. Expect more of this from the Rig and Mens fans as they year goes along.

1/10/2012 09:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Abby said...

Reality, you miss the point completely. As do all of these shills who bash Leece. I have no respect for any elected who has loyalty to party first. That's the problem with our political climate today.

Loyalty can only be to those you serve and your conscience. In the end that is who they have to answer to. Why should we have any respect to someone who is beholden to a group of people who sit in the wings, the background and try o call the shots for those who are willing to put themselves out her to get elected.

Leece though for herself and did what she felt was right in her gut and in her conscience. If she brok a "promise" to a party so what? That arty is as much an outside interest as any union they attempt to demonize.

The OCGOP is a joke and it's very membership is falling as a result. Research that for yourself.

1/10/2012 10:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Phil said...

Is this the same OCGOP endorsement process that Wendy cried to get 2 years ago?

If you check with folks that were there that night, they will confirm that she begged, pleaded and CRIED to get endorsed. Only when Allan Mansoor worked his GOP magic did they agree to endorse her. Then, she turned around and trashed them.

Love or hate the OCGOP, it was obviously important enough for Wendy in 2010 that she begged and cried to be endorsed.

All you folks that gush over Wendy, you can't change the facts on that one.

You can't bash Righeimer, Mensinger and Monahan without bashing Wendy on this one!

1/10/2012 10:19:00 AM  
Anonymous OCLonghair said...


Although you are correct about the not funny, it took less than 20 minutes to prove your point... Reality needs a reality check.

I am always daunted by the point of contention against Wendy’s vote and how that vote was incongruent to party lines, had 2 other GOP supported council members voting the same way… do I hear “Selective Memories”?

1/10/2012 10:20:00 AM  
Blogger Colin said...

Irony! I think you missed the sarcasm in quilter's post. He's on your team.

1/10/2012 10:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Biff In 2012 said...

If Gary is looking for support from the LSD & dope smokers to get re-elected, who in the world will the Chest-bumbing phone dropper get to support him? Maybe the parents of the sign stealing little vandals that play a certain sport thats close to his un-healthy large heart?

1/10/2012 10:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Barry said...

Phil, I forgot about that. Thank's for reminding us about the Wendy debacle with OCGOP in 2010.

I wonder if Monahan and Mensinger will have to cry to get endorsed this year.

She is so silly.

1/10/2012 11:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Diogenes said...

With reference to the political affiliations of the Council, in particular Herr Righeimer: It is improper to call him a Republican, as his orientation lies crosswise to that of the party of Lincoln, of which I am a loyal member.

It is also improper to call him a fascist. Fascism is basically a rabid adherence to law, however bad, by however few enacted, and the legal bills of our fair city attest to the fallacy of this assumption, as do the blatantly anti-obligation-of-contracts union-busting efforts.

The action of unions in this country is the major factor that prevented the rise of Marx-Leninism here. Without an oppressed proletariat, the conditions for violent overthrow of a government cannot arise, and the union movement here prevented just such oppression. It is often argued that the unions have outlived their usefulness; such arguments have much in common with the various arguments that we should give up the right to keep firearms. As soon as we do, we can count on a return to brutalization by jackbooted thugs who burst into our houses at 2:00 AM and bear us off to concentration camps. Likewise, if unions are abolished, we can count on an early return to primitive, unsafe, oppressive working conditions, low pay, poverty, and starvation.

Thus it becomes obvious that union-busting is neither a Republican nor a fascist tactic, but a subtle application of Marxist communism, designed to bring back vile conditions where the failed system of the Former Soviet Union can flourish.

In my humble opinion, this gives some logic to the actions of the four non-Republican members of our City Council, and in particular to Tovarishch (no longer Herr) Righeimer.

1/10/2012 12:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Reality said...


Leece thought for herself!? That's why she brought the firefighter union guy to the meeting to explain her position, obviously she told him her position first, right?

1/10/2012 01:48:00 PM  
Anonymous West wrong, again said...

All these fine Costa Mesa people referenced will be attending a big city event on Monday, supporting youth sports.

They can't be in 2 places at once ... Or can they?

1/10/2012 02:50:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Yeah, those 'fine' folks are going to be wining and dining for Costa Mesa United. They don't have to be at the Central committee meeting to be endorsed, schmuck! Besides, I don't make up the dates, just report them. It would be VERY interesting if they HAD to be at the central committee meeting to receive the endorsement... which would they choose?

1/10/2012 03:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Phil said...

Isn't it funny (or really sad) that the folks that get trashed on this blog everyday are the only ones actually doing positive things in Costa Mesa (like the referenced Costa Mesa United) The rest of the folks here complaining don't do anything to make our community better. They just hate.

I guess that's not funny, but really, really sad.

1/10/2012 03:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike M said...

Remember when party affiliation wasn't even relevant to local politics? Ah, those were the days.

This entry really went off track quickly - people need to fine-tune their sarcasm/BS detectors.

1/10/2012 05:35:00 PM  
Anonymous CharacterMatters said...

Candidate list: Charles Mooney; Eleanor Egan; Perry Valantine.

1/10/2012 07:45:00 PM  
Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

Hi Geoff!

Been up to my pip-pits in work, so I have only been tacitly following what has been going on.

From my perspective, it will be interesting to see who files this year. I predict it will be a tough year for OCGOP opponents.

As I look around at my friends and neighbors I come to two conclusions. First, none of them are clamoring to run for office. Second, none of them are as outraged as the majority here is.

I just don't see an upset coming. I am frequently wrong, but that is what I see from where I am sitting.

1/10/2012 08:28:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

"...In my humble opinion, this gives some logic to the actions of the four non-Republican members of our City Council, and in particular to Tovarishch (no longer Herr) Righeimer."

I agree with most of what you wrote. Hitler was a fascist, Stalin claimed to be communist. Both exterminated millions. Whether Righeimer and friends are fascists or marxists is academic.

Righeimer's Charter reminds me of Hitler's Enabling Act of 1933

Then, the fascists came up with a law to let them do whatever they wanted without the Reichstag (legislature).

We all know the eventual results.

Now, will Riggy, Mensy, and Scott Baugh be putting certain citizens on boxcars? Proably not. But they can certainly cause all kinds of mischief if given unchecked power.

Because of this Jimbo remains Das Riggmarshal in my book.

1/10/2012 08:59:00 PM  
Anonymous questionable? said...

Does anyone else find it commical that the leprechaun wants more state laws/regulation instructing Costa Mesa how to handle marijuana dispensaries while at the same time he is part of Rig's scheme to create their own charter because they don't like having to follow the state's laws?

1/10/2012 09:58:00 PM  
Anonymous !&@^#%@ said...


Only ones doing good in the city????

On behalf of everyone with at least half a brain and a whole mind of their own:

F**** YOU.

Thank you to the people who actually work day in and day out for the real good of the city, not to those who only do the good for themselves and their children while claiming it benefits everyone.

1/10/2012 10:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

To add to the last post...F....You, EXACTLY! I couldn't agree more. As if to say that Costa Mesa employees don't have a vested interest in the City. We absolutely do! You don't have to be a resident to have a vested interest in ANY City. The work that we physically do out in the community everyday for 10, 15, 20+ years is evidence of our vested interest in the City; if we didn't care (vested interest) then we would have sought employment elsewhere. All residents of OC should have vested interest in the surrounding cities they reside, work or attend school in. After all, you shop, eat, get gas, travel through all the neighboring cities that you work or live in; don't you want these areas to be safe and nice?

The whole thing about employees being residents is such an example of tunnel vision. I used to work in Seal Beach; I contributed to that community every day as a customer purchasing coffee, gas, lunch, etc. Now I work in this city, so I now purchase those same things everyday here. I now frequent Costa Mesa parks with my toddler every weekend because I feel proud as a community contributor; prior to my employment here, I never traveled through this City.

Why would I not want to be proud of the city I work in?  IDIOT mentality.

1/11/2012 10:51:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

A person who apparently cannot read since he tried to post using "Anonymous" as an ID, suggested that my "source"might be the OC Register or the Daily Pilot - implying that I was simply piggy-backing their stories. Well, if that person actually cared - which I'm sure is not the case - they'd notice that my post preceded both local paper's coverage by most of a week. Keep your gutless sniping to yourself...

1/16/2012 04:32:00 PM  

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