Monday, September 26, 2011

City Confirms Interim Positions For Naghavi and Munoz

In a press release issued Monday, September 26, 2011, Costa Mesa CEO Tom Hatch confirmed what he announced at the last council meeting on September 20, 2011 - that Public Services Director Peter Naghavi has been appointed Interim Assistant Chief Executive Officer and that City Engineer Ernesto Munoz will replace him as Interim Public Services Director effective on that date. You may recall that I reported these moves last Wednesday, HERE.

As I said in my earlier post, I believe this is an excellent move by Hatch. Naghavi has
been a rock-solid manager since arriving in Costa Mesa more than two decades ago. His presence in this position will take the pressure off Hatch to find someone soon and, perhaps, select the wrong person for the job. Munoz has been Naghavi's strong right arm. In an organization whose management ranks have been decimated in recent months by budget constraints and the hostile work environment imposed by the current City Council, we are very fortunate to have such high quality, competent men available to fill these slots on an interim basis. The text of that press release follows below.

Peter Naghavi named interim assistant
chief executive officer for Costa Mesa

COSTA MESA, CALIF.—Director of Public Services Peter Naghavi has been named the City of Costa Mesa’ s interim assistant chief executive officer and City Engineer Ernesto Munoz has been promoted to interim public services director.

The appointments, effective today, are expected to continue for several months until a permanent assistant chief executive officer is hired.

Naghavi, a 21-year employee of Costa Mesa, served as director of the Transportation Department for Somerville, Mass before being recruited by the City of Costa Mesa in 1990 to serve as the City's transportation manager. He was promoted to the director of the Public Service Department in 2007. As acting assistant chief executive officer, Naghavi will help run the City’s daily operations and take on special assignments.

Munoz, who has previously worked for the City of Cypress, came to Costa Mesa in 1993 as the city engineer. In his temporary assignment, he will run the Public Service Department, which includes the City’s Administration, Transportation, Engineering, Maintenance, and Parks and Recreation divisions.

City Chief Executive Officer Tom Hatch made the appointments after an initial search for a permanent assistant chief executive officer didn’t produce the perfect candidate. Another search is underway.

“We are fortunate that throughout our organization, we have people willing and able to step up and help in any way they can,” Hatch said. “Peter and Ernesto will help us get through the next couple of months without missing a step.”

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Anonymous Morally Bankrupt Councilmen said...

It is an absolute shame that Naghavi had to be appointed into this position. Naghavi is a good man and he was forced into the position without choice. People need to realize just how much of a joke this City has become. No one with qualities like morals or ethics will freely choose to leave their current position to come into Costa Mesa. It is career killer, a resume buster. Seriously, would YOU hire someone who knowingly helped the councilscum push their illegal outsourcin scam through? Openly lie every week or everyday on press releases? Please...

I feel that we will either lose Naghavi due to this move or sadly, he will become another soul-less morally and ethically bankrupt scumbag that occupies the 5th floor. Doing the right would mean he'd have to fight for his employees and residents. Spineless Hatch couldn't do it. Let's see how Naghavi does.

I cant believe camp Piggy is having such a hard time recruiting on of their soul-less buddies to fill the position. Are they seriously running out of morally and ethically bankrupt people to hire? Or perhaps it'd because none of them can pass a background check? I have an idea, outsource the position to circumvent the background check! That's how all the other private contractors go their jobs at city hall!

9/27/2011 08:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

“We are fortunate that throughout our organization, we have people willing and able to step up and help in any way they can,”

Wow Tom! Is that why you've been so strong in fighting for your employees? Oh wait, I mistaken you for a real city manager that actually has a spine.

9/27/2011 09:31:00 AM  
Blogger feral390 said...

I'm wondering if the "interim" tag simply means....Do exactly as the corrupt councilmen order you to do or be replaced.

9/27/2011 10:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Interesting News said...

There was a rumor that Naghavi was planning on retiring and that Hatch offered him this carrot so that he would stay. Hatch did not want another Department head leaving to further tarnish his already pathetic reputation. Naghavi is normally not a yes man and is known to speak his mind. He is very knowledgeable and so are his managers. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

9/29/2011 10:33:00 AM  

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