Thursday, September 22, 2011

Breaking News! Fair Board Votes To Oust TelPhil

Joe Serna at the Daily Pilot, HERE, has reported that the Orange County Fair Board, on a 6-3 vote, has decided to oust TelPhil Enterprises as the operator of the Orange County Marketplace on the Fairgrounds site, severing a more than four-decade relationship.

This story is still developing, but it is reported that former Board Chair, Kristina
Dodge, voted NO, along with two newbies - Nick Berardino and Gerardo Mouet. According to reports from the site, Dodge didn't join Chair Dave Ellis and the others in their vote to oust TelPhil because they were not in default of their contract.

According to a couple of sources, Board Chair Ellis said at the end, "Well, that's that! Let the lawsuits begin!" Clearly, he's among those in the Orange County GOP hierarchy more than willing to spend taxpayer money on lawyers.

It is also reported that Jeff Teller, the operator of TelPhil, addressed the board with heated, accusatory comments. I suspect Serna will flesh out the whole story in a modification of his brief tease posted in the past hour. Stay tuned...

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Anonymous Save my swap meet! said...

What?! No more swap meet? Why is it that Pigheimer & Ellis look so much alike? With their reckless attitude and willingness to spend money to defend reckless actions, you'd think they're piggy brothers that came from the same piggy mommy!

What in the world is going on Geoff!

My blood pressure continues to rise as I read your blog. Thank you for the picture of the hotty Dodge. Calmed me down some...

9/22/2011 04:02:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Calmed you down? Something wrong with that... :-) ;-)

9/22/2011 04:07:00 PM  
Anonymous So naughty! said...


That's the after effect...ha!!!!!!!!!

9/22/2011 04:19:00 PM  
Anonymous OCLonghair said...

enter Jerry Brown...

Using taxpayer's money for lawyers will not sit well with the Gov.

As Attorney General, he was vocal about spending money on defending questionable acts/decisions by appointed boards and/or members.

Me thinks Nick needs to call Daddy.

Statements from a Republican, suggesting or anticipating legal actions are somehow alright; at a State venue that has been getting more than their share of BAD press.

Now that's ballsy... stupid... but ballsy.

9/22/2011 05:13:00 PM  
Anonymous hbrocks said...

so, any word on who they have lined up to replace TelPhil? Does FMW have a hand in this? Righeimer and Monahan?
I know Righeimer was doing some heavy recon around and at the Fairgrounds during his stint as the Planning Commissioner.

9/22/2011 05:19:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

hbrocks said:
"I know Righeimer was doing some heavy recon around and at the Fairgrounds.."


He heard there was a new snack place..

9/22/2011 06:07:00 PM  
Anonymous bobby pop said...

Hey Geoff, one thing about the "let the lawsuits begin" statement by Ellis. He was obviously referencing the very obvious threats Jeff made from the podium.

It is a pretty arrogant and stupid move to threaten your landlord right before they vote whether or not to evict you.

9/22/2011 06:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Ha! said...

Costa Mesa slips further into the abyss.....

9/22/2011 06:58:00 PM  
Anonymous ThatsNotfairBoard said...

Not the first time they have tried to bring pals in to usurp the business that Bob Teller's business brilliance has made a success for about 30 years.
The Fair (actually, not so fair) Board says, 'how can we get our fingers into his pie?', and brings in someone who will dole out perks to those who give them Teller's business.
You can bet that Riggy and Monahan have lots of behind the scenes handshakes on this one.
I'll be Frozen Banana Bob kicks their butts in court. I sure hope he does.

9/22/2011 09:32:00 PM  
Anonymous It is Fair said...

Isn’t Teller the one who funded the events that prevented Costa Mesa from getting any money out of the Fair deal and now we all have to live with all the traffic and noise without any of the revenue?

Look forward to the pawns in the game comments from Greg Ridge and Sandy Genis. By the way, for the sake of transparency, can anyone tell me how much money Sandy Genis makes from her efforts on the Fair and for the Unions? She should be required to disclose that.

With the Flea Market gone, I wonder what great events could happen that we can all benefit from?

9/22/2011 11:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Ha! said...

@ It is Fair said...

Why should Ridge or Genis have to disclose anything? They are just concerned citizens.

Costa Mesa used to be known as:
1) Goat Hill
2) Hub of the Harbor
3) City of the Arts....

and now......"City of Lawyers and Consultants."

Way to go Boys!

9/23/2011 08:20:00 AM  
Anonymous No it ain't fair... said...

@It is Fair:
As I seem to recall, it was Teller that made his vendors pay sales tax from the point of sale so we would get the sales tax revenue. You must be one of those who will benefit from the new regime.

9/23/2011 09:48:00 AM  
Blogger Gericault said...

2006 Dave Ellis big fish GOP Political operative gets appointed Chairman of the Fair Board.

2006 Righeimer failed perpetual GOP candidate rents a home in Costa Mesa and one month later is appointed to the Planning Commission.

The rest is , *pinch.... history.........*pinch.....*pinch

unfortunately, I just can't wake up from this nightmare.

9/23/2011 05:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Stop Whining Greg said...

Gericault, you need to grow a pair!

9/23/2011 08:35:00 PM  
Blogger Gericault said...

Are you suggesting that I don't have the balls to fight these guys? is it you even know my name?

Trust me..........I have a pair..........Funny , but your name escapes me.

9/23/2011 10:13:00 PM  
Anonymous He must already have a pair said...

Evreyone knows who he is when he posts here and elsewhere. I think that speaks volumes. et tu?

9/23/2011 10:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Max said...

Notice how Ellis and Righeimer love using our taxpayer money to defend their unethical behavior? 2 peas in a pod. Both are dirty and both need to go. There are plenty of other people from our community that can do a better job and do it ethically. That whole fairgrounds auction was rigged with the taxpayer and Costa Mesa being the ultimate loser. Even if the fairgrounds never sells, Ellis and Righeimer will do whatever they can do ruin it for us Costa Mesans. We need to make sure these guys are taken out and never elected anywhere near Costa Mesa again.

9/25/2011 02:04:00 AM  
Anonymous shwetty said...

Barry writes like a girl

9/27/2011 06:44:00 AM  
Anonymous hbrocks said...

I can't wait for the day the truth finally sees the light of day about the Fair Boards Failed hijacking attempt of the fairgrounds using our public funds and exposing all the players involved.

9/27/2011 01:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Audit said...


Yeah they sure do like to waste the public's money. I've seen them many of times at local wine bars ordering magnum's of very expensive wines. Wasteful, but not illegal.

9/27/2011 04:15:00 PM  

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