Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coast Community College District Forum PLUS Breaking Fairgrounds News

"What," you ask," another candidate forum? I thought you said the one tonight was it?" Yeah, well, almost. It was the final city council candidate f
orum, but there are actually other races being contested this year. Here's information about one of them.

On Monday, October 18th, from 5:30 - 6:30, the one and only opportunity for you to see and hear the four candidates for two seats on the Board of Governors for the Coast Community College District will be presented by the Orange Coast College Student Senate. Here's their announcement:
It looks to me like there are some interesting choices for those two seats. For the Trustee Area 1 seat you have a fresh face, Shana Jenkins, trying to unseat the incumbent, Jim Moreno. In the Area 5 contest you have self-styled "hanging judge" Lynne Riddle against retired Orange Coast College President, President of the OCC Foundation Board, retired crew coach and local icon, David Grant. I expect the candidate forum will be lively, to say the least.

I will not be able to attend this event, but hope some of you will take the opportunity to do so and give me some feedback.


I just heard from Eric Lamoreaux from the State Department of General Services. He told me that the bids for the Orange County Fair and Event Center submitted based on the second RFP - RFP II - will NOT be announced today, contrary to previous information.

Apparently the staff requires more time to evaluate the bids and hope to have information on Tuesday, October 19th. So, we will just have to twiddle our thumbs a little longer while we await word on the future of the Fairgrounds. I'm sure nobody is surprised that this deadline was missed...

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Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

Don't you just love the State of California? When Costa Mesa needed more time to put things together the State was just not interested in working with us.

When they need more time? No problem!

Nice work there guys.

10/14/2010 01:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Vicki said...

Bruce, for once you and I agree!

The police and fire salaries are now posted on Jim Righeimer's website. Go to CM PRESS to find the website address.

If those salaries don't turn your stomach, nothing will. At those prices, who needs them?

10/14/2010 04:27:00 PM  
Anonymous CM4Life said...


Please do the rest of us citizens a favor. Call the phone company, and ask that your 911 feature be disabled.

I would hate to have one of the men and women of our police and fire to rush to your house in an emergency when "Who needs them?"

Also, I looked at the link on God's page...oh I mean Righeimer! Looks like the police and fire have good salaries. Sad our city has mismanaged the budget for all these years.

I for one don't want to put on the uniform and risk my life. Do you?

So again, please, unplug that feature from your phone. It will help the rest of us out in the long run when we have an emergency and I need them to rush to save my life. I appreciate their services!

Vote McEvoy!

10/14/2010 05:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Vicki said...


I don't dial 911 anymore. It's a waste of time. Sounds like you've never had a problem that required dialing 911.

The police will respond, but they won't take a report or get involved, if they can help it. Guess they don't want to get hurt.

I suggest you buy yourself a gun. That's what we had to do.

10/14/2010 06:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Terry Ellison said...

Ah, the public safety fear-mongering--pay me $200,000 a year or I won't rescue you when you need it. It's the last argument when they have no logic to support their outrageous salaries. The numbers are there, I looked at them. They speak for themselves. Too bad the union lawyers are fighting the publication of the current numbers. Where's the transparency?? 30% of our cops make $200,000+ a year. Unbelievable. They contribute nothing towards retirement and they get to retire at 50 with full healthcare and six figures for the rest of their lives that they contributed ZERO for. Great for them, sucks for us. How do we afford that?? CALPERS own chief actuarial has said that 3% retirement at 50 (which is the prized pig of the unions) is not sustainable. It will bankrupt our children. CM4LIFE, tell me how to pay for that plan??

Two things are facts. 1. Righeimer will win this election. The candidate field was soft and the union's strategy is flawed. Inundating people's mailboxes with negative mail eventually forces people to ask why are the union's so against him. It's just noise after awhile. Also, Nazi Reickhof is a terrible leader. He accused our City Attorney of a cover-up and I heard today the City Attorney is investigating him for breaking our City laws. He and his Union "Fuhrer" are making enemies every day we get closer to the election. They have no experience doing this and it shows. 2. McEvoy is a nobody right now. The only reason he is even being discussed is because everyone is anti-righeimer. The cops hate McEvoy. They don't want him, they just don't want Righeimer. He is a footnote. Other than the 50 people who read this blog, no one knows him. McEvoy may eventually be a good candidate but he needs to get involved in this City. He hasn't done that and it shows. I like the kid's energy but he has to focus on a few issues to run on in 2012Making him a Righeimer alternative is just bad politics.

10/14/2010 07:25:00 PM  
Blogger Gericault said...

I would go to the CM Press but " OOh .the smell of sulfur"...

Vicki.....Costa Mesa should become the "Tea Party" model for government.

This is what these policies have wrought.........

We've had a Fair Board lose the Fairgrounds...

A D.A, that covers everybodies butts....(Spitzer)

A GOP Chairmain that makes $500 K a year for the BOS

A Water Board member that makes $10k a month in

We haven't even unpacked tha Sanitation Borad but you can be sure that the likes of Monahan and Fitzpatrick aren't doing this because they have a servants heart.

Our last Sheriff should be in jail.

Dale Dykema is making money hands over fist with forecosures.

and you want to vehemize the last public service that polite society can still rely upon.....

If Righeimer wins.........this city is done.Game Over ...Match . Set.
and then there's our mayor....
Mansoor voted against the firemen offering the city over $600 k in savings they weren't required from the last budget negotiations he'd signed off on.

At some point ALL OF THIS.must make some sense to you......or not. Have fun voting for him because he's a Republican.

Kevin Bacon - Animal House

10/14/2010 09:56:00 PM  
Blogger Humberto said...

Vicki, didn't you forget to type your middle name "H"?

10/14/2010 11:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Vicki said...

Gericault, I think you are off your meds again. The Fair Board didn't lose the fairgrounds, the derailer crowd did that. None of your other remarks make any sense whatsoever.

Humberto,I have no idea what my middle name has to do with an H. Have you been drinking?

Calling 911 for the fire department still works; for the police department, .... not so much. Try it, you won't like the results.

10/15/2010 12:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Rob Dimel said...


I'm sorry that you have such a negative impression of the police department. Perhaps you could share your personal story that led you to the conclusion that the officers are apathetic and unwilling to help. It would sure give your allegations some perspective. The PD handles a high volume of 911 calls daily.


No one is fighting the publication of any numbers. The only thing being questioned was attaching each officer's name. No one in the line level staff gets paid 200K per year. I submit those total comp numbers are artificially inflated.

I would like to know where you got your information that the city attorney is investigating Officer Rieckhof for "violating our city laws". If that is the case, it would likely be confidential (since it would be a personnel action). So, either you learned that from the complainant, and let the cat out of the bag, or an officer close to the "investigation" placed some trust in you and told you. In either case, you have betrayed that trust by posting potentially confidential information on a public blog. Poor judgment.

Lastly, It's a falsehood to state "the cops hate McEvoy". I am sure some like him, some don't. A blanket statement like that is disingenuous. The reality is that most of our officers don't live in town, hence don't vote here. I do. I am personally voting for McEvoy, and I am talking to anyone in my neighborhood, circle of friends, contacts, and anyone who wants to know whole story.

Mr. Righeimer didn't win in his last attempt at council. He wasn't threatening my livlihood then, and I STILL didn't vote for him. He's a member of my OWN POLITICAL PARTY, and I won't vote for him now. I frankly just don't like the guy. Yes, police officers/association members are actually capable of independent thought.

10/18/2010 10:40:00 AM  
Blogger PeterMeuter said...

Coast Community College District Forum
Who will fund the $40 million for a new parking structure at OCC after the Fairgrounds are sold and students will no longer be able to park on the Fairgrounds?

10/18/2010 08:56:00 PM  

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