Friday, October 03, 2008

More Candidate Forums Coming Up

Another weekend, another opportunity for you to get to know your City Council candidates as they come trekking through your neighborhoods, knocking on doors, handing out fliers and trying to convince you just why they are the best choice this year. Take some time to listen to them... your choice is just that - your choice.

On that note, the following is the schedule of future candidate forums to which each of the nine candidates for Costa Mesa City Council have been invited. There may be other opportunities for you to meet some of them at individual events, but I'm not publicizing those. Next week will be a busy one, with the City Council meeting on Tuesday, then two separate events later in the week.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008, the Mesa North Homeowners Association will hold a "meet and greet" with the candidates following their annual meeting from 6:30-8:30 PM. No formal forum is planned. This event will be held at Paularino School, 1060 Paularino Avenue.

Thursday, October 9, 2008 the fledgling Eastside Costa Mesa Neighbors group will host a candidate forum in the Adams Room of the Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park Avenue (at Lions Park) from 6-9 PM. Meet and greet the candidates between 6-7, followed by the forum from 7-9. This event will be covered by CMTV, which will tape it for replay later. A schedule of that replay will be available on the city web site shortly after the event.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008, the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce will host a candidate forum in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 77 Fair Drive, from 6-9 PM. This event will be televised live and replayed on tape through the election on November 4th.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 the Mesa Del Mar Homeowners Association and the Halecrest/Hall of Fame Community Association will jointly host a candidate forum at the Halecrest Community Center, 3107 Killybrooke Lane, from 6:30-9 PM. As far as we know at this point, this will be the final opportunity to see all the candidates in one venue and hear their views before the election.

Presently CMTV is televising the first candidate forum for interested viewers. The forums from the 9th and 15th will also be televised until the election on November 4th. It is my understanding that all three of the televised forums will run during the last week before the forum, to provide Costa Mesa voters a chance to assess each of the candidates before voting.

As they say on the reality television show, Survivor - "Nine candidates! Three seats! 30 days! Who will end up with a seat on November 5th?!" Stay tuned!


Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's No Contest!

The CM Press apologists over at the CM OPEN continue to foist off lies on their handful of readers. I've continued to visit the site, hoping for something substantive and worth my time. So far, all I've found is lie after lie, which is very disappointing, but not unexpected. Obviously, they cannot defend their idol with logic and facts, so they must resort to lies, distortions and attacks on those of us - this site and others - who offer opposing viewpoints.

I don't mind a little spirited discussion on issues, but that seems not to be the goal of that hit site. It appears, based on their first few pathetic efforts, that the only goal they have is to defend the CM Press, which makes one curious about the author(s). We'll assume, unless proven otherwise, that CM OPEN is generated (maybe I should say degenerated) by the same source as the CM Press.

I must confess no small degree of amusement as the distortions presented at the CM OPEN and CM Press are debunked on an almost daily basis at sites like CM TRUTH and CMunimPRESSed.

It's not really worth my time to get into a peeing contest with that site. I'll concede that they've got the biggest bladder. Heck, I'll concede that they are full of excremental effluent, too, since that seems to be the case based on their contributions so far.

Incidentally, that image above is the world-famous Manneken Pis, in Brussels, Belgium. You see it here in it's "raw" condition, but it may frequently be found dressed in any manner of garb. Occasionally it's stolen - the thing is only a couple feet tall - but is usually located and returned. I thought the image of an infantile urinator was perfectly appropriate for a blog entry about the CM OPEN.

In the meantime, the lies, fabrications and distortions continue at both the CM Press and CM OPEN...

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Lies From Mesa North (And Elsewhere)

You know, I really don't like writing about the author of the CM PRESS blog, but sometimes - most of the time - the stuff he spews just flat-out demands a response.

Take today, for example. In his #500, "New Study Says Boot Illegals And You Boot Gangs!", The Mouth From Mesa North cites as the authority for his premise a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, and provides a link to its "report".


So, I visited the site, read the report, then did a little investigation of the organization. It comes as no surprise that this organization has been linked to many far-right groups, including several that advocate white supremacist views. It publishes it's "reports" in what appears to be a scholarly manner on a slick web site and claims to be objective. However, if one takes the time to read some of these reports it becomes clear that this group is an anti-immigrant organization, pure and simple. Its handiwork panders to the radical right, who use it to justify overt racist actions. The CIS has been widely criticized for it's body of work and many of it's officials have direct ties to organizations supporting the White Supremacist view of the world.

And, sometimes, their reports border on the ridiculous. Take, for example, their recent report, Immigration to the United States and World-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions, in which they tell us that immigration is responsible for Global Warming! Good grief! As I plowed through this voluminous tome I half-expected to find a sub-title stating, "Immigrants Pass Gas, Melt Ice Cap!"


Just remember, dear friends, that it's important to consider the source when considering what is written on the CM Press. Understand that the author is far from an objective purveyor of truth - he's an overt racist and the thread of white supremacy runs through almost everything he writes. He takes the content of his radical views published at several venues on the web and massages them for local consumption in an attempt to manipulate his readers and the politicians he influences to follow his lead.


His endorsement of candidates for city council is clearly made to advance his goal of making our city the "whitest" place on earth. Conversely, those candidates he criticizes pose a threat to his attempt expunge every non-white face from our city (and country, for that matter).

Am I saying those candidates he endorses are racists? No, I'm not. What I am saying, though, is that he apparently views them as being in tune with his global view of our city and will be easily maneuvered into following his lead. Does this make them bad men? No, just men who he thinks can be manipulated by a clever guy with an insidious agenda.

So, when you read a screed from the CM Press and react by thinking, "Hey! That guy makes a lot of sense!", please take a moment to consider the source. Consider his motives before you jump on his bandwagon. He's a very smart fella, who knows how to twist (or fabricate) facts to play to your worst fears. He's not the first man in history to do this, as World War II demonstrated to us, but he's "our guy", trying to screw up our city with his racist agenda. The only way to stop him is to not vote for "his" candidates and neutralize his influence on the future of our city.

In his surrogate blog, the CM OPEN, more lies persist. In it's edition today the liars that write that stuff accuse me of deleting portions of my blog entries - which I didn't. This is a perfect example of just why readers should take what is written there with a huge grain of salt. Both the CM Press and CM OPEN - probably written by the same person - are festering repositories of lies and fabrications.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Report From The Summit

"Historic" - "Monumental" - "Template for working together on other issues". These were just a few of the phrases
used by members of both the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach city councils as they met for the first time in a generation on this last day of September, 2008 in a "summit" of sorts to discuss two issues dealing with John Wayne Airport. You can read Daily Pilot reporter Alan Blank's report HERE.

In a meeting at the Costa Mesa Golf and Country Club, both councils heard presentations discussing the "Go Local" program and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be signed by both cities outlining their obligations in dealing with airport issues.

The hour-long presentation on the "Go Local" program presented by consultants was both interesting and boring, depending on who was speaking. Some of the minutiae of the statistics almost put Newport Councilman Steve Rosansky to sleep at one point. The upshot of the presentation was that the report will be completed, then submitted to each city council. At this point, both councils voted to receive and file this interim report.

The Memorandum of Understanding was thoroughly discussed and approved by both councils. This is truly terrific news for both cities.

I must agree. This was, indeed, an historic meeting with monumental impact on the relationship bet
ween our cities. As Newport Beach councilman Mike Henn stated, this certainly can be a template for our two municipalities working together on common issues. Those that immediately jump to mind are Banning Ranch and the resolution of the SR-55 traffic problems. As Costa Mesa City Manager Allan Roeder said, "This is an opportunity for us to be working together prospectively" on issues that affect our cities.

As is usually the case in these kinds of meetings, officials and staff outnumbered residents about 3 to 1. My informal count showed around 20 residents in attendance. The proceedings will be broadcast on CMTV later this week. According to the schedule available tonight, this program will be shown as follows:

10/3/08 at 3:00 PM
10/4/08 at 9:30 AM
10/6/08 at 6:30 PM
10/14/08 at 6:00 PM
10/20/08 at 6:30 PM
10/28/08 at 6:00 PM

MOST COSTA MESA COUNCIL CANDIDATES IN ATTENDANCESeven of the nine candidates for Costa Mesa city council this year made it to the meeting. In addition to Katrina Foley and Eric Bever, who were on the dais, candidates Bill Sneen, Lisa Reedy, Chris Bunyan, Chris McEvoy and Jim Righeimer made a showing and paid close attention to the proceedings. Only Gary Monahan and Nick Moss were absent. Curiously, lame duck council member Linda Dixon was also a no-show. All the Newport Beach council members were in attendance.


Briefly, on another subject. The new blog in town, CM OPEN, is proving to be exactly what I thought it was - another repository for falsehoods, innuendo, fabrication of "facts" and flat out lies. Although the authors have provided a "comment" capability, they edit out those which provide critical observations - and then lie about it. This is certainly just an annex of hypocrite central - the CM Press blog. Some have speculated that it's, in fact, the work of The Mouth From Mesa North in an attempt to provide the facade of support for his insidious views. We will assume this is the case until it's proven otherwise. This, of course, does not surprise me, since The Mouth has demonstrated many times his tendency for devious misrepresentations.

Interestingly, The Mouth was also a no-show at the meeting tonight. This is quite surprising for a guy who fancies himself an investigative reporter - just because he played one (badly) in a terrible movie four decades ago. I guess he must have been busy listening to his scanner, trying to hear about all those dangerous illegal alien criminals being scooped up by the CMPD.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Joint Council Session on John Wayne Airport

Over the next couple weeks there will be many important meetings in Costa Mesa, most of them having to do with the upcoming municipal election. Beginning next week there will be several more candidate forums and less formal "meet and greet" opportunities where the nine candidates for three open seats
on the city council will present their qualifications to interested voters.

However, tomorrow, Tuesday, there will be a meeting of historic significance in our city. Tomorrow, September 30, 2008 at 4:p.m. in the Los Lagos Room of the Costa Mesa Golf and Country Club, 1701 Golf Course Drive, there will be a joint meeting of the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach city councils to address John Wayne Airport issues.

There are two items on the agenda tomorrow. First will be a presentation entitled, "Evaluation of Transit Connection to John Wayne Airport/OCTA "Go Local" Program."

Of greatest importance, in my opinion, is the second item on the agenda. That item is entitled, "Memorandum of Understanding on John Wayne Airport between the City of Cost Mesa and the City of Newport Beach, California."


This is a really big deal, especially for those of us who live on the Eastside of Costa Mesa and share with our neighbors in Newport Beach the negative impacts of noise, safety and dirt caused by the increasing traffic out of John Wayne Airport.

Some will recall that our city, under the leadership of then-mayor Libby Cowan, refused to participate in pushing for a new commercial airport at El Toro Marine Air Station. That's when this kind of form
al relationship between Newport Beach and Costa Mesa on airport issues should have taken place. Cowan, however, worked for the City of Irvine and would almost certainly have placed her job in jeopardy had she done the right thing for Costa Mesa residents and moved aggressively in support of the El Toro airport plans. While that is water under the bridge, it does leave a very nasty taste in the mouths of many of us on both sides of the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa border.

This MOU codifies the roles and responsibilities of our two cities on John Wayne Airport issues and forms the foundation for a new level of cooperation between our cities. This is good news, because the relationship between them has been strained, to put it mildly, in recent years. Issues in which both cities have a very significant vested interest - annexation and the Banning Ranch, for example - have increased tensions by residents and leaders on both sides. The spirit of cooperation in this MOU may help heal those wounds... I hope so.


The agenda for tomorrow's meeting may be found on the city web site, HERE, and includes the staff report and text of the Memorandum of Understanding. Although the meeting begins quite early, those interested should try to attend. My understanding is that it will be taped for replay at a later time on CMTV.