Monday, September 01, 2008


r Day finds us greeted with a pack of lies from hypocrite central over at the CM Press. In a multi-part post, the Mouth from Mesa North uses the end of his entry to rip those who post anonymously, and those who link to such blogs (me, for example).

In his blog entry #473, The Mouth states the following:

We believe that if you're going to write something about others, that you should have your name associated with what you write. If you don't want your name associated with what you write, then you probably shouldn't be writing it."

Well, Mr. Mouth, we find it hysterical that you would make such a hypocritical statement!

You see, dear readers, The Mouth has been in a major pout since the Daily Pilot began requiring registration before permitting comments to be posted on their articles online. The editors wanted to know who was posting. I can't blame them. That really crimped The Mouth's style, since he was posting multiple comments using multiple names on the same comment thread in an apparent attempt to illustrate a broad appeal of his opinions. Those of us who regularly read those comment threads saw the difference immediately - it was a welcome absence.

In his latest rant The Mouth goes to great lengths to tell us his name and that he stands behind the things he writes. How does this square with his use of a nom de plume for his hundreds of far right-wing essays he publishes on radical web sites? Is he afraid the Costa Mesa folks who might read his stuff on the New Nation News site, for example, HERE, might figure out just what kind of a bigot he really is? Seems likely. His anti-anything-but-white-folks bias is obvious. The cloud of intellectual dishonesty that surrounds this guy is like stink on a skunk.

The not-very-veiled threats made in his recent blog entry are clearly an attempt to shut down the person who publishes the CM Truth blog - one of those he criticizes.

He also criticizes those of us who link to anonymous bloggers - me, for example. Well, those sites may be anonymous to him, but they are not anonymous to me. I know the identity of CM Truth and have a really good idea of the identities of those who post as CM Watchtower. I know the CM Truth is hitting close to home on many of the entries posted on that site and it obviously makes The Mouth uneasy. Get used to it, Mr. Mouth. Nothing like a little light on cockroaches to make them scurry back under their rocks - just as the registration requirement in the Daily Pilot did.


He and his spawn can continue to attempt dirty tricks on council candidates they want to discredit... they've been forewarned to expect it now.

Why do I write about this guy when I swore off it a couple times? Why do I proceed when he's made overt threats against my family and me? Well, the future and well-being of this city is important to me and he's an influential guy. The Mouth has made it clear he's supporting Bever, Monahan and Righeimer this time around. Considering his obvious motives and underlying bias, it makes one wonder just how tight he is with those guys, and how much influence he exercises over them. That's a question every voter should contemplate as they consider the very important choices they will make on November 4th.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That guy gives me the creeps. He's reminiscent of Stacy Keach's older white supremacist character in American History X. Brrr.

9/01/2008 10:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious to say the least. I think i am supposed to be worried about the authorities looking at my blog when many have been since it's incarnation. Mensa is so worried about who i am, yet is one of the select few who does not know my identity and for good reason. As you among many others who have been threatened in some way shape or form by this man knows all too well. I choose to stay anon so the issues can be addressed w/o having to worry about threats that would inevitably come our way. Nothing on my blog is out of bounds and is based on facts as opposed to opinion and constant distortion of real facts. CMTRUTH is not going anywhere and will continue to provide valid and accurate information regarding graffiti, gangs and the true threat they pose to the city of Costa Mesa and it's residents, not misinformed perceptions. If only the council would listen to the PD when it comes to the problem and not act like they have a better idea to solve a problem not one of them know jack about. Last, throwing off a mensa man with a perceived writing style is a another factor highly considered before this blog went online.
Good day & thank you for continuing the cause.

9/02/2008 02:15:00 PM  

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