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Peninsula Envy

Over at the CM Press the guy that very much resembles my theoretical character, Your Neighbor, continues to spout off about Costa Mesa not being a true coastal city. In a recent posting he rants about how unfair it is that Huntington Beach and Newport Beach have ocean frontage and Costa Mesa doesn't. He says the following, "Go ahead, look at a map. See how Costa Mesa is between Newport Beach and Huntington Beach except near the ocean, and then Newport Beach (with some county land as well) has muscled us out of the way as it goes all the way over to Huntington Beach on land that should be ours?"

Does this have a Hitleresque ring to it? It should! First this guy gives the angry, frustrated folks on the Westside someone to hate - the Latinos - just as Hitler did with the Jews. Now he's lobbying for the takeover of land near the ocean - five miles from his home - so Costa Mesa can be a true "coastal city". This is what Hitler did with Poland, Austria and the the rest of Eastern Europe.

So, what's next, a blitzkrieg of the Banning Ranch? That's about the only way Newport Beach is going to give up that chunk of land. Costa Mesa has little leverage and the majority on the council have demonstrated absolutely no negotiating skills. They, instead, prefer to spit in the eye of our neighboring cities. They apparently equate thuggery with leadership.

Of course, that's about all you should expect from easily manipulated folks who take their marching orders from a guy who is proud of his racist views. It saddens me that so many gullible people in this city have bought into this tripe. On January 4, 2007 I posted an entry entitled, The Lemming's Roadmap, which included a couple dozen links to essays written by this guy. Pick one or two and read them - and try to keep your dinner down.

In the meantime, we will just continue to watch the new majority and report when they institutionalize the trampling of resident's rights.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you have convinced me that the darned guy that publishes the CM Press and resembles your neighbor is akin to old Adolph Hitler and wants to either kill, or at least drive off all the 35,000 or so Latino’s living in Costa Mesa.

What I am wondering is how he was able to snooker the current majority on our city council to support his master plan. I read somewhere that he provided transportation to the Mayor to the city council meetings. I imagine he used this as an opportunity to privately provide his instructions for the course of the upcoming meetings.

And how was he able to deceive so many of our “gullible” city voters to believe that the problem was one to be solved by eradication of all Latino citizens in our city? You did tell us before this guy you call your neighbor was a genius and a Mensa member so he must have used his mental powers to orchestrate our local events in Costa Mesa. We all are probably just putty in his hands.

We should be thankful that you and a handful of others are out there working to save our Latino’s from all the xenophobes that vote in our city. They are probably just reacting to our failing schools, gangs, crime, graffiti, abandon shopping carts, and other inconveniences they experience.

I hope you are able to continue to show us the way to amend for our sins and return to the way it used to be. It is only reasonable. Right?

1/07/2007 10:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You neighbor is nuts. I call him "666" (El SEIS), because that's what he is, and that's what, I think, he would like to be called Check out the Bible, and you'll find out the meaning. I do agree with you that he's a prolific writer, but that's all he is. He isn't a smart guy. His philosophy is full of baloney. He thinks he has developed a new theory, but he's totally wrong. Hebert Spencer, sociologist, economist, philosopher and father of a school of thought called Social Darwinism, does a better job explaing human evolution from an economic and a biological perspective. "El SEIS" rarely or never gives credit to him and other white supremacists who dominated some American universities during the late 1880s and early 1900s.

1/08/2007 12:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not a surprise that Costa Mesa is on the losing side of negotiations for annexation of adjacent land. When a Newport Beach address automatically provides a boost in property values, any existing land owner is going to want to be annexed by Newport. I don’t see anything changing that in the near future. Now, if there were properties that were between us and Santa Ana, I am sure we would be in the better position to annex.

Even if we had oceanfront property in Costa Mesa, part of the Newport Beach allure is brand name recognition. In fact, all else being equal, a waterfront home with a Costa Mesa address would still go for less than a waterfront home with a Newport Beach address. That is the way the market works. It would take generations to change the perception that Costa Mesa is no Newport Beach.

So again I advise homeowners in Costa Mesa that want a Newport Beach address, move!

As for waterfront, I suspected all along that the big ditch that sat at the end of the Newport Beach Freeway for decades was secretly earmark for a canal project to bring a waterfront themed area to Costa Mesa. Imagine my shock and dismay when they actually put asphalt (or concrete) down and extended the freeway! I suspect extending the coast up the Santa Ana River is just about as likely as my facetious canal project.

In this day and age of citizens realizing the ecological disasters we created in our naive efforts to manage waterways in the last 100 or so years; I don’t think it very likely that there would be much stomach for such a project with environmentalists. Also, who would pay for such a project? The feds? The State? The County? All in deficits? I doubt it. Costa Mesa would have to foot the bill for probably billions of dollars and to the benefit of whom? The landowners on the bluffs certainly. Would that newfound value extend inland any? It is highly unlikely.

Let’s focus on solving the very real problems at hand. Yes, gang activity needs to be targeted, yes our schools need to improve performance and yes, we need EVERYONE in our fair city to pull together to fix these things, not just the boorish, ham-fisted, condescending and authoritarian bunch as Chuck Cassity so eloquently pointed out.

1/08/2007 11:13:00 AM  
Blogger Claudio said...


It truly is scary. An obscure and maniacal genuius gains control of a governmental body by promising improvement. Of course to get the followers, he incites their fears and prejudices against the people they perceive are the cause of the problems. He uses them as a red herring for nearly every social ill in the city, even ignoring the fellow thugs in his own party in his midst.

Then he creates other issues, such as how the governmental body he runs got the short end of the stick and demanding land will make everything right. Truly scary is it not. Millard's tactics truly mirror those of Adolph Hitler. Hitler was also a man of high IQ and was a genius at political manipulation like Millard. Where Hitler's downfall came was in thinking he was a military genius as well, which he was not. The old Prussian guard are the ones who won the victories during the first years of the war. The greater danger here is that Millard will never have a military to call his own, just a philosophy where he can continue to manipulate Costa Mesa into a cesspole of hate and racial tension.

1/08/2007 11:23:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Lemming #3125,

I knew you'd come around. Even though your tongue was planted firmly in your cheek as you wrote your comment, you were right on the money.

I've never said the mayor and Your Neighbor car pooled, although I've seen that comment somewhere before, too. Wonder which pickup truck they used?

Scoff as you will, the facts are clear and irrefutable. Only those with their heads firmly planted in the sand can deny this. Even the Daily Pilot, with whom Your Neighbor apparently shares a hate/hate relationship, conferred upon him a coveted position on the DP 103 most influential individuals in our area. At #53, he was well ahead of the Rupert, the dead swan but well down the list from Coyotl Tezcalipoca - the young man who cussed out the mayor and got arrested a year ago.

I don't agree with westside. I don't think Your Neighbor is necessarily nuts. Dangerous, devious and very smart, yes - nuts, I'm not so sure.

dvs probably has it right on all counts.

Prolific blogger Claudio, sadly, has an accurate view of this guy, too. Reading his last sentence makes me very uncomfortable, but it will be interesting to see how prophetic he is in a couple years - or couple months, if things go the way I fear they might.

In any event, thanks to you all for playing in my sandbox. I look forward to more in the future.

1/09/2007 12:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Geoff,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Boy, I was really worried that based on the other’s comments, your other blog responders either were agreeing with me or ignoring me. Either way, I was being rendered impotent and finally your wise acknowledgement of my attempt at satire was posted for all to see.

As for your concern about pickup trucks, I don’t believe Martin never owned one and the Mayor sold his last year. (The Mayor might have kept his gun rack though).

I did want to ask you what was the position you got on the Pilot’s 103’s list? I think the Mayor did head up the 2006 Daily Pilot list and you and I might agree that the foul mouthed Benito Acosta got his placement ahead of both of us by his poor behavior that was inappropriate in a city meeting. Interestingly, he said at two other separate, public comment sessions that followed at subsequent council meetings, that he was a Foley supporter, something that you and he may have in common.

Happy New Year!

1/09/2007 11:28:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Lemming #3125,

Far be it from me to "render you impotent"... If you're feeling that way, I'm thinking it's probably a self-imposed affliction.

You may be correct about the blog author, although I thought I saw him depart a forum in a pickup truck. Regardless, it's irrelevant. Whether he and the mayor car pooled and conspired is also irrelevant. Anyone watching for even a short period of time can see just who's turning the pages on the new majority's song book.

As you, and anyone else who wishes to view the link on the Daily Pilot online home page, can determine I am nowhere to be found on the DP 103. The Pilot's criteria was that a person (or entity) had to be "influential" in the editor's view. Regardless how one feels about his style or philosophy, the blog editor certainly does meet that requirement.

As far as Coyotl (Benito) is concerned, I'm sure we do agree that his behavior was totally unacceptable. Although the mayor cut him off before his time had expired, his foul comments were completely inappropriate. Nor do I condone his subsequent behavior at demonstrations and, more recently, at OCC. Many people I know who might have otherwise been sympathetic with his position were really turned off by his behavior.

Again, thanks for writing. I always enjoy jousting.

1/10/2007 12:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Pot Stirrer,

I am Lemming #3124, and pleased to report that I am married to Lemming #3125. And I can guarantee he is not impotent! We have four little Lemmings (I won’t provide their #’s as they are all still minors). I have a lower Lemming number because I am just slightly older than my husband.

When we were first married, we thought we might do our Lemming thing (you know – jump off the mesa) because of all the problems in our area of Costa Mesa, but we decided to hold off because of the recent “new direction” our city leaders have taken. I must admit it was also a lot of fun playing around with #3125!

We are excited about the possibility that our current city council will be able to address some of the problems in Costa Mesa so our little ones can grow up in a safe and healthy environment. Our young Lemmings in the Westside schools are suffering because of the problems they encounter in the learning process. They are mixed in with great numbers of non-Lemming children that don’t speak or understand English very well. Someone as smart as you might appreciate that this might be a handicap for our Lemming children.

Our other children that are older, are in Junior High and High School where there are large numbers of students that are not doing well and have formed gangs that make life uncomfortable and awkward for our Lemming children. Our adolescent Lemming children are trying to get an education to advance to the next step and get into a college so they can compete in this world that rewards education success. The challenges are significant enough that they may decide to just do the Lemming thing instead of fighting the current situation.

I hope you and the others that read your blog consider the impact of our problems raising Lemmings in Costa Mesa and will work to take steps to support our leaders that want to help our children and us.

As a Lemming mother, I am not one for jousting, but do hope you don’t want to pursue your personal agenda to the detriment of our Lemming kids.

1/10/2007 01:26:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Lemming #3124,

My dear Madam Lemming, it was not I who suggested #3125's impotency - he brought it up, so to speak, and I, in the spirit of fun, nudged it along. Congratulations to you both on your herd of little lemmings.

I understand the problems the school district faces as it attempts to educate large numbers of English-learners who enter the system not as kindergartners, but as 3rd, 5th, or 9th graders. If those children entered the system in the very early years there is a very good chance they would learn English quickly and get up to speed in the process. When they enter in higher grades - and are, perhaps, not literate in their own language - it's much more difficult for them and for those attempting to teach them. This is not an excuse, it's just an expression of facts as I understand them.

I also understand - much better than you might expect - the difficulties of growing up in a community with gangs. I grew up in a part of Los Angeles with similar problems and, as part of a diminishing Anglo population, managed to thrive and survive. My sister still lives in the same home in the same neighborhood where she successfully and safely raised her daughter, although not without the complications you could expect from being one of the few Anglos in a predominantly Latino area. No, it was not easy.

Unlike some others intown, I have no "personal agenda". I merely express my views on issues as I see them. My views will frequently be at odds with those of the current majority on the council, for example, because I don't like the approach they've taken and their dictatorial style. I don't disagree that large numbers of illegal immigrants create many problems in our society. You will not find a single instance where I have said that illegal immigration is good. However, to "fix" the problem we first must have secure borders. Without that, all the deporting we might do is futile. Yes, it temporarily removes some dangerous criminals from our streets, but they simply have a few Cervezas below the border, then return.

Thanks for writing. I didn't expect that this blog would become "family reading". I may have to include a comic strip or two.

1/10/2007 09:03:00 AM  

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